Several types of exotic flowers only grow in India!!!

Recently updated on November 2nd, 2022 at 07:20 am

India is a nation of incredible diversity and natural beauty. This wonderful region, which has a distinct vitality of cultures, is home to many and hospitable to everyone. Whether it’s the country’s rich history and culture, or its architectural wonders, India’s wonders are as fascinating as they are many, and the country has a lot to offer. What better way to showcase the splendours of this magnificent country than by showcasing some of the most spectacular flowers that only bloom in this amazing country? It is impossible not to be amazed by the sight of these flower blossoms that are blooming with joy, with their brilliant palettes of hues ranging from red, green, and violet, and their multitudes of enlivening, fragrant aromas that they release.

India’s Exotic Floral Arrangements:

When it comes to flowers, there is nothing quite like being dazzled by the rare and exotic Woodrow’s Crinum Lily or the stunning spectacle of a field filled with vibrant Ganges Primrose flowers blooming in a flower field to make you stop and take notice. 

Here are some of the most beautiful flowers that can only be seen in India, where they grow organically!!!!

1. Ganges Primrose:

The Ganges Primrose, also known as Asystasia gangetica, is one of the most beautiful and unique flowers on the planet. This flower thrives in profusion during the summer months in the Ganges River basin, which is fast-growing and robust. This one-of-a-kind flower has tiny, adorable pentagon-shaped petals and comes in various colourations ranging from white to silver to purple. It is one of the most beautiful flowers you will ever see.

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2. Woodrow’s Crinum Lily:

It is rare and endangered, yet Woodrow’s Crinum Lily is one of India’s most stunning floral wonders and is one of the most beautiful flowering plants on the planet. Near Maharashtra, this extensive and fragrant white blossom may be seen in Mahabaleshwar and Kates Point. It is a stunning example of nature’s magnificence at work. Get the online flower delivery in Ahmedabad with such beautiful blooms.

3. Law’s Ceropegia:

It can only find these lantern-shaped blooms produced by the Ceropegia plant on the Harishchandragad hill, where it was discovered. It was named after John Sutherland Law, an English-born Indian Civil Servant and botanist responsible for its discovery. These blooms are among the most beautiful natural species of flowers, having been found by him. They are primarily white and have a tubular shape with five petals fused to form a cage-like structure in the centre.

4. Yakla Snow Lotus :

The Yakla snow lotus is one of the most beautiful blooms on the planet. This unique and magnificent flower, which means it can only be found in the highest areas of the Himalayan mountain range, is a piece of beauty that attracts admiring eyes by the dozens when it blooms. This unusual and exotic flower is always a wonder to see, with its petals spreading over the blackish core encircled by purple coloured hair-like protrusions that function as temperature regulators, making it a wonder to behold.

5. Rebekah:

The Rebe flower is a beautiful flower that also has therapeutic aspects to it. The Botanical Survey of India’s Kumar Ambrish and M Amadudin were the first to find this bloom in the wild. This uncommon and endangered flower, which it can only find in Arunachal Pradesh’s Upper Subansiri and Namdapha National Park, blooms with tiny multi-coloured petals and is extremely difficult to find. The sheer sight of the Rebe blossoms, which come in various colours ranging from white to pink, is mesmerizing. You can order roses online and mesmerize your near and dear ones with their beauties.

6. Sironi Lily:

It is exclusively found in the Sironi hill ranges of the Ukhrul district in Manipur, known as the Sironi Lily or the Lilium masculinize. This flower, which they may find at elevations ranging from 1,730 to 2,590 metres above sea level, is as robust and durable as it is gorgeous. It is a beautiful sight to see a field of Sironi Lilies, with their bicoloured drooping petals of white and pink, as they bloom in a field of white and pink. 

7. Idukki:

Kerala is home to the Neelakurinji flower, which is considered the world’s greatest hidden secret. Have you ever heard of it? Well, the Neelakurinji, considered one of the world’s most uncommon flowers, blooms just once every 12 years in India’s south-western state of Kerala when it blankets the hillsides in beautiful violet colour.