SAP Leonardo: Future of Smart Innovations


SAP Leonardo is a blanket solution for all the SAP software and services that enterprises may utilize to execute digitalization initiatives. The SAP Leonardo solution includes the SAP-generated micro-services that enable customers to benefit from new technology.

SAP Leonardo is an SAP-based cloud technology, designed to establish self-driving businesses with the help of the digital revolution. It enables companies to structure innovative company strategies and skills, besides aiding them to evolve themselves and incorporate the latest innovations and techs.

Inviting Innovation

Leonardo incorporates new tools and solutions that allow companies to migrate SAP from manual data systems to intelligent automated computerized systems.

SAP acknowledges the necessity for system solutions that go beyond the implemented SAP platforms. Hence, they have developed Leonardo to focus on the latest critical innovations such as:

  1. Internet of things
  2. Analytics
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Design thinking
  5. Big Data
  6. Intelligent Data
  7. Block-Chain

In this age of digitization, corporate evolution is not solely driven by technology. But it is rather business innovation-oriented. With relatively minimal capital expenditure in technology, data analysts & equipment, SAP Leonardo allows organizations to thrive in innovation.

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SAP Leonardo: Industries that offers services for

SAP Leonardo services currently provide its solution for retail, manufacturing, consumer goods, sports and entertainment, transportation, chemicals, Healthcare & life sciences, energy, mining, and telecommunications industries among others. They are still developing their processes to provide this solution for more industries and sectors.

Customers acquire an already set or tailor-made acceleration system. This system supports the design thinking approach according to the client’s business domain, functionalities, and project application.

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Industry Accelerators

When a business decides to implement SAP Leonardo services, SAP first offers an extensive training session to describe and discuss certain business application cases. Then they move on to developing and testing a test program application. This aids the businesses to better understand the workings of the SAP Leonardo solution in light of their operations.

For clients in particular sectors, SAP provides pre-designed and validated techniques termed ‘industry accelerators’. SAP Leonardo has industrial accelerators for all the industries mentioned above. In addition, they are currently working to develop industrial accelerators for more industries.

The time required to get an application up and run on the customization required to accommodate the client’s needs. SAP Leonardo offers three distinct versions running on the SAP Cloud Platform to suit the varied demands of individual businesses.

The Express Edition

This version of SAP Leonardo is geared for the specification of a business use instance in a day. The development of a trial model within two to three weeks and submitting the complete system in around eight weeks. This includes the time required for making specific coding adjustments to suit the client’s needs. The SAP Leonardo Express edition depends heavily on industrial accelerators, covering around 80% of the application’s enterprise applications.

This edition offers to implement solutions for preconfigured IoT devices set according to industry best practices and best practices for each business sector. Its application includes 3-D printing of production components and resource surveillance for retail goods.

Enterprise Edition

This edition of SAP Leonardo maintains the innovation-based approach but enables the company to cover diverse usage cases rather than just one. SAP Leonardo Enterprise Service Edition integrates the resources, latest tech, and knowledge to structure a platform best suited to the client’s needs.

The different components of the Enterprise Edition to establish an Intelligent Enterprise:

Showroom – This allows clients to explore various case applications and software features used to leverage the SAP Cloud Platform for faster and efficient digitization. The showroom is a library of industrial integration possibilities for innovation and technology.

Digital design – Design thinking and the newest digital approaches may be explored by users. A tech and business innovation guide leads the design strategy in enterprises. They try to collaborate with the client’s internal team and SAP services, architects, digital designers, and developers to achieve the best results for the customer.

Workshops for empowerment – It assists clients to become much flexible with SAP specialists via virtual learning cloud services. Specialists illustrate each stage of the implementation procedure using the SAP cloud platform and learning resources.

Innovation Platform – It offers SAP Cloud platform accessibility for clients so that their ideas may quickly transform into reality on the Innovation Platform. It allows firms to test the product before purchase and quickly convert it to reality.

Open Innovation Edition

This version enables businesses not suitable for industrial accelerators to create solutions for their particular objectives. This method usually includes long-term design thinking following a project development.

Here, the SAP Leonardo group performs together with the client to develop a customized platform and execution strategy for a particular usage scenario. The Open Innovation edition architecture allows the clients, SAP solution specialists, and SAP partners to cooperate in developing a solution that satisfies the innovative aspirations of the clients.

Leonardo for Future of Operations

SAP Leonardo delivers new technologies to companies already on their journey to establish themselves as an Intelligent enterprise. So, what are you waiting for? Open your company doors for innovation with SAP Leonardo. You can visit the SAP official site or take the assistance of any SAP consulting services to make your digitization journey even smoother.

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