Pros and Cons of Automatic Gates

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Automatic gates are gaining popularity rapidly. The ease of installation, use and maintenance have augmented the replacement of manual gates with automatic gates at residences, industrial areas and business centres. Consequently, there has been a rise in the automatic gate dealers in Kerala. You need to be cautious to procure the subject gate from reputed and credible dealers only, to have a gate with longevity and exceptional technical elegance.

Recognizing the ambiguities existing in respect of automatic gates, we resorted to analysing the pros and cons of automatic gates. This unbiased analysis is aimed at ensuring that you have a clear idea about the automatic gates.

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Pros of Automatic Gates

Undoubtedly, there are several pros of automatic gates. That has been instrumental in raising the popularity of automated gates. Let’s look at the advantages of installing an automatic gate at your commercial property, a residential enclave or industrial establishment.

Ease of Operation

The automatic gate doesn’t require manual effort for operation. Therefore, you don’t have to employ a person for the same. Thus saving on energy, time and manual efforts. This is the most essential and basic advantage that distinguishes automatic gate from the manual gate.

Aesthetic Appeal

You can choose the type, pattern, style and material for automatic gates. With a customized automatic gate according to your choice, the aesthetics of your property will amplify. The gate could be a swing type or sliding type. Everything concerning the gate will be based on your options and the availability of space.

Decide the material to be used, i.e. wood, metal, wood-metal combination or any other material. You can discuss with the automatic gate dealers to have a better insight and decide accordingly.


Automatic gates offer optimum safety to the inmates, equipment and items. Once locked, it cannot be opened easily manually. Thus affirming that intrusion is prevented optimally. Automatic gates with advanced technical features can integrate security codes, which will help in monitoring the people coming inside. Thereby, precluding trespassers and burglars.

An adequately secured gate would enhance your confidence. It will help you to allow children to play outside the house unconcerned.


Tested and quality-proven material is used for manufacturing automatic gates. It has excellent longevity. Automatic gates will function without giving you any trouble, during the entire lifetime. People appeared to have this apprehension about the life of automatic gates. Our study indicates that the durability of automatic gates is much higher than traditional/ manual gates.

Convenience during Adverse Climatic Conditions

Think of getting out of the car during heavy monsoon and opening the gate. How difficult would it be? Once you have the automatic gate installed, the issue is resolved forever. You don’t open the umbrella, get out from the car or home and open/ close the gate. The same is the case even if you have a security person or servant. You can avoid waiting for them to come to the gate.


Installing an automatic gate will alter the appearance and appeal of the property. It will simply elevate the value of the establishment. You might check around your neighbourhood to have a first-person feeling of the same.

Cons of Automatic Gates

Of course, automatic gates have some disadvantages too. Having knowledge about it will help you decide upon installing an automatic gate at your property.


Functioning during Power Failure

Automatic gates function with electric power. Hence, it will not work during a power shut down or electric power failures. Nonetheless, automatic gate manufacturers have understood this issue. Gates functioning under power back up, solar-powered gates and battery backup are available nowadays.

Exorbitant Price

Automatic gates were notorious for inflated pricing. This has been deterring people from installing those at their property. Nevertheless, the arrival of reputed and credible automatic gate dealers in Kerala and other parts in the country has been pivotal in reducing the prices. You can get automatic gates at affordable rates presently.

Safety Concerns

As you know, the automatic gates are controlled and operated electrically. A wrong installation or erroneous power routing can turn hazardous. You can sort-out safety concerns by opting to get automatic gates from trustworthy dealers.


Maintenance has been an issue during the initial period. It is not a problem presently. However, we included this point considering that people may be apprehensive about the maintenance aspects. The automatic gates that are available currently don’t require much maintenance. In fact, the maintenance requirements of automatic gates are less than manual gates.

The Bottom Line

You can go ahead with installing an automatic gate at your property without any doubts or worries. It is the best way to secure your residence, industry or business in an aesthetical way. The arrival of new and reliable automatic gate manufacturers and dealers has changed the field remarkably. You can opt for the design, style, material and operation according to your choice and convenience. Thus eradicating all the previously existing limitations.

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