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Newborn Photography

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Professional Baby Photography

Of course, taking portraits of newborns photography is difficult at best. All the cute expressions seem to turn into tears when they are brought out. Unless the baby is sleeping, taking professional portraits of a newborn can be difficult at the very least.

Professional Baby Photography

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But there are a few tips to help you make this Professional Baby Photography

Firstly, plan your shoot around your Professional Baby Photography schedule. As you know, babies sleep a lot and get tired easily. If you want to get photos of your baby sleeping, schedule the event during the day when your baby is sleeping and just after feeding. As newborns don’t smile, the easiest thing to do is to prop your baby up and surround him or her with a cuddly toy for the photo. This may mean adjusting the schedule to keep your baby awake longer so that everything is done at the scheduled time.

If you want your baby to stay awake for the shoot, choose a photographer who is patient with your baby and who has time to deal with unplanned interruptions such as messy trousers, unexplained crying or feeding. Some insecure babies need their mother’s company and will cry even if she is on the other side of the room. Get used to this by being willing to go into photos or at least be close to your baby.

Make sure they take lots of photos. Instead of wishing you hadn’t missed that cute smile, encourage them to take 20 photos so you can capture that adorable smile. Fortunately, digital photography allows this at no extra cost.

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Of course, newborns don’t pose for photographs, especially when they are sleeping, so the photographer should pose the baby with appropriate props, toys and backgrounds. Don’t make the photo too complicated. Remember, this is a picture of the baby, not a display of the photographer’s creativity. But don’t neglect to check the props either. A crumpled towel or blanket may be a distraction. Of course, there may be gender restrictions on colours (especially blue and pink), so bear this in mind.

If your baby is going to sleep, make sure you dress him in clothes that are easy to take off without waking him up. For example, an invalid jacket or a jumper that has to be pulled over his head. Mum, help the photographer do this.

If you want your baby’s cute feet, tummy or just bum to appear in the photos, make sure the room is warm enough to take off the clothes. The photographer should know this, but you may need to remind him. If you want extra skin in the photo, make sure the clothes are removed beforehand so that no wrinkles appear. On the other hand, think carefully before taking pictures of your child so that they don’t look awkward when they are older. Remember, this should be a wonderful lasting memory for everyone.

As it is rare to get a perfect pose and the mother sometimes needs to be present to keep the child calm, choose a photographer who is good at post ‘retouching’. The photographer can correct errors in the image, remove unwanted objects or people and make the photo as perfect as you imagined.

Finally, don’t panic! Your parenting skills don’t matter, you’re not there to give the photographer the impression of what a perfect baby you have. Just relax and be prepared for the unplanned. Often things will go wrong and professional photographers know this. Hopefully, he or she will be patient, allow for breaks and necessary care, and in the end, you will capture the moment and make it a lifetime treasure.