Common Factors That Lead To Pregnancy Negligence Claims

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Pregnancy is a time when parents are most concerned about the well-being of the baby and its mother, and when the water breaks, this is when people are found to be in a state of extreme anxiousness. Some mothers develop complications during this time, which causes a lot of trouble, but even if there aren’t any apparent complications, parents are highly concerned. 

Proper development of the baby, health concerns of the mother, and the safety of the baby at the time of birth are few factors that people are most worried about. Moreover, parents have to be prepared at all times during the 9th month to rush to the hospital if the time comes earlier than expected. Amidst all these uncertainties and tensions, parents expect for the medical treatment during this time to be absolutely top-notch. All the doctors, technicians, or gynecologists dealing with their issue should be on their A-game because any subtle error could result in severe consequences.

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Despite the healthcare system in the UK seeing immense improvements over the years, the standard of treatment parents get at childbirth sometimes sees a dip. There are several instances when things go in the wrong direction, and unfortunately, this happens at some of the most renowned hospitals, too. These acts of negligence and carelessness lead to minor or major issues, which may include brain injuries, permanent dislocations and disfigurements, to even death of the baby. The baby, or the mother, can sustain a plethora of injuries at this immensely difficult time if the medical staff demonstrates even a tad bit of negligence. 

Continue reading this article to learn about some of the common reasons why people choose to submit medical negligence claims for pregnancy. 


During pregnancy, the mother has to pay several visits to the hospital where doctors carry out a number of tests to ascertain if the baby is developing perfectly, or if there are some hindrances in the process. These birth defects can be in the form of hereditary issues, such as Down syndrome, genetic problems, a hole in the heart, or an unusual spinal cord. Doctors share the results of these tests to let the parents-to-be know that they will have to deal with this issue for the rest of their child’s life. It is then up to the parents to decide whether they will proceed with the pregnancy or choose otherwise. If the doctor did not inform the parents about defects and they ended up having a baby that was born with these issues, they will have to alter their lifestyle and plans to take care of the special child. In such cases, parents reserve the right to claim against the medical professional. 

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is also one of the most common issues encountered during childbirth. This is a brain disease that affects the brain’s coordination with the whole body. Mostly, this occurs at the time of childbirth and sometimes right after the delivery. Cerebral Palsy can be natural, however, it can also be caused by medical negligence shown by doctors and nurses. Experts say there are several factors that can cause Cerebral Palsy. For instance; if the doctors do not properly monitor the baby’s heartbeat, do not appropriately deal with the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s upper body, or when doctors decide to deliver the baby at the wrong time. Unfortunately, this condition cannot be reversed. This little negligence can affect the baby’s, as well as the parent’s life. As a neurological disease, like cerebral palsy, requires additional assistance, such as the cost of providing special education, medical bills and aides, parents who go through reserve the right to make a claim. 


Stillbirth is defined as the delivery, which takes place after the 24th week of pregnancy, of a baby that has died. You can only imagine how devastating this could be for a mother to find out that her baby did not make it, after having to carry it for 9 months. Stillbirth can be avoided if medical checkups are done on a regular basis throughout the pregnancy period. The doctor should be able to identify any symptom or problem in the developing baby to provide the needed treatment. Any negligence depicted by doctors in this regard can be extremely catastrophic for the parents. 

 Even though the healthcare system is improving every day, the element of human error can never be completely eradicated. Having said that, if you ever find yourself or anyone you know in such an unfortunate situation, get in touch with Wallace Legal to start the process of submitting a claim for medical negligence in Scotland right away. Our expert solicitors will provide you with a free consultation and get you the compensation money for your losses that you thoroughly deserve.