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Recently updated on February 5th, 2021 at 08:24 pm

Do you want to surf the internet safely and confidently that no one observes your movements online? If this is your interest, you should be able to change the location of your IP with the help of a VPN service.

Changing the IP to any other country in the world other than the one you are actually in is really useful.

In this article, I will tell you in detail what an IP is and how to change its location with the help of a VPN service, what a VPN is and the benefits of using it.

It is something very common that most people believe and understand that their browsing the web and the rest of their online activities are private, that no one can see what they do, the sites they visit, the searches they perform or the content they consume. But this is not so. Online activity can be easily monitored by the internet provider, an employer or even the government itself.

Use a service of Germany VPN online you can avoid this potential monitoring and unlock content for different reasons is limited according to the geographic location of users. This is achieved because you can browse with IP from another country.

By using a VPN service you will have the possibility to change the country from which you connect so that you would be using an IP from a different country from which you connect, this will avoid all geographical limitations.

How to navigate from another country?

To be able to surf the internet as if we were connected from another country, you must follow these steps:

Choose a VPN service

The first thing to do is decide which services on the market suit your needs. Having the right tool is very important because its installation and compatibility will depend on this correct choice. There are versions that are better suited to mobile devices while others may have better options for use from computers, for example with extensions for web browsers such as Firefox. You should also take a good look at the features offered by the different subscriptions as a family plan that accepts several devices may be more convenient for users who want and need to use the service on different devices.

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Downloading and installing the application:

Once you have your accredited plan and have your access credentials to log in as a client of your favourite Virtual Private Network service, you must download the application to start using the service. Make sure to proceed with the installation and configuration of the same according to the suggestions of the provider that you should consult on their website following the indications according to the type and model of device you have, since the implementation varies from an Android phone to a device Apple to a computer, in addition to being different from Windows to macOS.

Choose a suitable server and connect

You must log in with the access credentials provided at the time of purchasing your subscription. Then with the application running, you can select the server you want to connect to. You must choose server from all that make up the virtual private network of the provider that you have chosen, taking into account that the physical location of the server matters. Well, a server located in Europe will give you a connection origin different from another located in the United States.

Use your new location

If everything has gone well, now your connection will start from another country, so if you experienced access restrictions to certain sites or content due to the connection of origin from your country, now you can enjoy all the freedoms of your new IP. If you continue to experience difficulties with restricted access, keep in mind to clear your browser of cookies and your cache, refresh the site and you should have normal behavior of the VPN service. Remember that cookies and cache can affect navigation, but just by clearing them from your browser, the problem is solved.

Using incognito mode in your browser

Incognito mode is a possibility offered by the most popular browsers. This function present in some web browsers allows the user to improve their anonymity when conducting their searches online. Its operation is simple, the browser starts a separate window corresponding to a temporary session and separates from the main sessions and the user’s data, which allows us to carry out activities in the browser in a more discreet way by not having our main session data linked.

The main differences are that the search logs are not saved so your online search history will not be extended by all those you do in incognito mode. Another benefit is the limits for payments on content sites. A typical example is articles and notes sites where new users are limited to a certain number of articles they can read and then a subscription payment is requested in order to continue reading or viewing the content. If you use incognito mode every time you enter that site it will be as if a new user accesses and you will have your first free articles again.

Use paid VPN

A VPN service allows you to access a network of servers located around the world managed by a private entity, the service provider, to be able to connect to the internet in a more secure way.

A Virtual Private Network is a network of servers formed in order to provide a freer and more secure connection alternative to its users.

Its operation is simple, being a user of a VPN service you can connect through a tunnel that forms a secure connection between your device and the network and then connect to the internet from it. This has notable benefits such as protecting you from possible external monitoring either from your internet service provider, the government, or simple Sun employer. In addition to being able to choose from which country to connect to the internet, you will solve all types of content blocking based on geographical restrictions.

On the other hand, to access the full potential of a VPN service should opt for a service to pay for those free versions have a reduced quality of remarkable service. The network you access is limited in a number of servers, not to mention that these are the slowest and least geographically interesting locations. Also, you will not have access to servers prepared for specific activities such as Netflix or P2P activity. Traffic limits are also applied in the free versions, which are usually quite limited.

Always a paid version is far superior and experience of the user is unmatched in all aspects of the service.

Choose the country from which you want to navigate

When using the server network of a VPN network you should consider the following before selecting the server to connect to.

If you want to prioritize the speed of connection and have data traffic as quickly as possible then consider select the server nearest to your location.

On the contrary, it is very likely you want to select a server in specific because some advantage as access to content from Netflix exclusively for the United States, for which you must choose a server located in that territory and thus navigate as if you were in that country.

To do this, check the list of servers and countries reached on the provider’s official site or in one of our articles.

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Check the IP change

After establishing the connection with a server within the VPN network located in another country, you can verify that the location of your IP has changed by checking this website that indicates the IP address from which you are connecting. This way you will be sure that the IP has changed to your chosen location.

How to choose a VPN service to surf from another country

It is important that you know what your objectives will be when using a VPN service because you must select the one with the characteristics you need.

If your intention is simply a traditional web browsing, you should consider a service that offers good connection speed so that your experience is fluid.

If, you are interested contrary access to content multimedia has been geographically restricted you must country consider acquired a VPN service with servers that will guarantee access to such content and are located in the countries of interest such as, for example from Netflix in the United States.

If your main interest is anonymity, then focus on a service that has policies of No Registration of login of its customers.

Or maybe your interest is torrenting because make sure that the VPN network has compatible servers for it.


The internet brings excellent content to our homes but access is the same for everyone and browsing privacy does not exist.

Using a paid VPN service will allow you to navigate with the IP of another country and benefit from this new location, being able to access all the content available in that territory, a technique used by Netflix fans to access exclusive content by territory.

In addition, recover the freedom and security of your online activity thanks to the encryption of the data traffic you carry out. You can be sure that no one can spy on what you do on the internet thanks to the tunnel formed by the VPN network and your devices.