Consumers’ Attitude towards Attractive lip gloss Packaging

lip gloss packaging boxes

When the consumers develop an attitude toward the lip gloss packaging boxes, attributes such as the shape, feel, and the overall packaging box’s design, in general, are the most important factors as the consumers make an expected quality evaluation of the product in the store at the moment of product comparison or purchase. The concept of attitude toward lip gloss packaging can be described as the consumers’ feeling of favorability to the new package, perceived usefulness of the product and the package, and a likelihood of purchase.

The Packaging Republic believes that if the consumers perceive a particular lip gloss packaging box as superior, then consumer attitudes toward the package do not change with a direct product’s experience. Many marketing analysts believe that the consumer experience changes from an indirect to direct experience with a well-designed packaging box. Furthermore, the consumers are more likely to initiate a more direct experience with a product and attractive packaging that is perceived as different from the rest of the similar product packaging. This process helps consumers to develop a higher attitude toward the custom lip gloss boxes.

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Stimulating Purchase intention through Lip Gloss Boxes

The brand owners and packaging companies highly emphasize the importance of package design. The lip gloss boxes influence the consumer decision-making process. Consumers usually go through a two-step decision process that consumers as they move through the cosmetics aisle. First, the consumer examines, analyzes, and compares the chosen product with the other similar options. The comparison is made based on lip gloss boxes’ design, functionality, and user-friendliness. Quality and price are also additional factors considered before finalizing. Packaging design plays a primary role in the initial decision for product examination. Second, after the consumer examines the product more directly by handling it, packaging as the “silent salesman” continues to encourage selection and leads to higher consumers’ purchase intention.

As mentioned previously, consumers’ purchase intention is also influenced by many variables such as perceived quality and price. The combination of perceived quality and price directly impacts the perceived value of the product, and this value is what the consumer uses to develop a purchase intention. It has also been noticed that the price of lower-priced packaged goods or cosmetics receives less attention from consumers than higher-priced cosmetics because the consumer appears to be unwilling to conduct an extensive search for comparable products. Therefore, attitude toward cute packaging for lip gloss and expected product quality plays a vital role in consumers’ intent.

Expected Lip Gloss quality

Expectations of lip gloss quality can be divided into three distinct dimensions or components of search, experience, and credence. Product quality expectations can be formed by the consumer at the time of purchase, like the custom lip gloss boxes’ appearance. Experience dimensions are those components of the lip gloss quality that the consumer can determine before and after purchase and through actual handling or use of the lip gloss packaging boxes and product .read more the general time

The credence dimensions are those components that the consumers can never ascertain the level of quality without outside information. An example of the credence dimension can be the perception that tomato sauce is healthy or helps prevent cancer. At the cosmetics shop or aisle, the consumer must work through these dimensions rather quickly, relying on both a limited amount of direct and indirect experience. When the consumer encounters a cute packaging for lip gloss on the supermarket shelf, they are typically forced to make a quality evaluation of the lip gloss through experience with the package without actually seeing the product. If the consumer can move towards a more direct experience by handling the lip gloss packaging boxes, they are more likely to make an inference from the package’s perceived quality to the product itself.