Keyword Research And Content: Insights From Real Ecommerce Seo Experts

Online stores today can’t do without the help of real eCommerce SEO experts if they want to ever see the light of SERPs during the course of their natural lives. Jokes aside, nothing today is more effective in generating traffic and leads in the long term than SEO.

Many digital marketers would say that PPC marketing is faster and provides tangible results that stick. This is completely true. PPC is a very good way to give your brand a much-needed boost when you are starting. If properly done, it can place your brand in front of eager prospects who are ready to purchase your products or contact you right away.

The downside is that PPC requires that you invest a fixed amount of money for your ads to keep showing up in searches or third-party publications. The minute you stop paying, your campaign is as good as dead, and traffic stops flowing.

SEO is a much more efficient way that requires a less intensive monetary investment yet gives you the same (if not better) results that will stick for a long time even after you decide to stop spending.

How can eCommerce SEO experts help your online store thrive?

They do it in various ways.

The most obvious one is by executing thorough keyword research and building a comprehensive buyer persona. That means determining what your potential customers usually search for when they perform queries on Google, the kind of content they consume, and the calls to action they are most likely to heed.

Best Keyword Research Tools in 2021-2022

Good keyword research not only yields the highest volume keywords for your specific niche. It also allows marketers to discover coveted long-tail keywords which are extremely specific, providing much higher click-through rates than general keywords.

Why Is Keyword Research So Important?

It has to do with the way Google interprets search intention. If a person searches for beauty products, it means that the person is just browsing and will be shown paid ads, big retailers, and pretty much everyone in the industry. These words are very hard to beat as most competitors target them, and outbidding your competitors will cost you an arm and a leg. Moreover, these words have very low conversion rates.

Now, how about targeting a longer phrase with lower search volume but that people use more often when they have decided to make a purchase in the near future?

These keywords do exist. For example, “sensitive skin beauty products” will only be used by people who are further down the customer journey. The quality of the leads generated by such a keyword is a lot higher and, if they find what they’re looking for, they will probably make a purchase on the first site Google recommends.

Here is where content marketing comes into play. If you don’t have pages with high-quality copy targeting these long-tail keywords, it will be VERY difficult for Google to pick you as a good option for their users. And even if they manage to find you, because they know their way around search engines and keep browsing past the first page of results, they will still want to read relevant content about the specific query they just performed.

Your copy must not only give Google the right cues for it to deem your page worthy of prime real estate in search results. It should also convince your visitors that you offer the best solution for their immediate concerns.

If you want to know more about how eCommerce SEO experts can improve your online visibility by using in-depth keyword research and top-quality content, contact Genius eCommerce® today!