Is Coco-Glucoside a Natural Ingredient?

The beauty and cosmetic industries are rapidly changing. As more of us become acutely aware of our impact on the environment and how artificial ingredients and chemicals can negatively affect our health, many companies are changing how they formulate their products.


What is coco glucoside? This all-natural coconut-derived substance appears as a somewhat cloudy liquid that provides natural foaming and conditioning properties for a variety of products. Lately, it has seen an upsurge in use as more companies and brands are looking for ways to create products that are not only environmentally safe but effective as well.

The Natural Benefits of Coco-Glucoside
This is one of those substances that you have probably never heard of but that you may already be using without even knowing it. Coco-glucoside is a natural surfactant or a substance that helps formulas have the proper consistency or spreading capabilities. Surfactants are an important element of most shampoos, body washes, facial cleansers, and detergents, among other products.

Up until recently, however, many surfactants were synthetic and not all that great for our skin or the planet. They were simply chemical compounds that were designed to do a specific job in a certain formula.

This is obviously not a sustainable practice, especially now that we know how important it is to create products that are biodegradable and safe for the world around us. Something as small as a chemical component of your shampoo may not seem like a big deal, but when you factor in just how many gallons of these products are used annually and how these substances wind up in our groundwater and in the ocean, the picture becomes much clearer.

Coco-glucoside, rather than being an artificial substance, is actually made using coconut alcohol with natural glucose under specific conditions. It’s a wholly non-toxic, environmentally-friendly substance that just so happens to have excellent properties as a surfactant and emulsifier, as well as a cleansing agent. This ingredient works great for creating foamy conditioners and body washes, for instance, and even though it is primarily used as a secondary ingredient, it still provides gentle benefits.

Creating Your Own Shampoo With Coco-Glucoside
If you can’t seem to find a decent product in your local supermarket that uses coco-glucoside, you can actually find this product online and start making your own shampoos and other body care and hair care products. It’s actually much easier than you might think, especially if you have the right ingredients and some guidance.

Being able to control what goes on your skin and in your hair is important, especially if you care about your health and the health of the planet. Limiting your use of unnatural surfactants may seem like a small step, but it is an important one nonetheless. If this is something that interests you, consider shopping at They have a wide selection of shampoo ingredients that you can use to start making your own shampoo at home!

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Once you see the difference between natural and synthetic ingredients, you will always want to go with the former. It’s wonderful knowing that what you put on your body is not only good for you but won’t harm the planet either. Visit today and find all of the beneficial ingredients you need in order to craft your own shampoo and other products!

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