How to Use a LED Dimmer Switch

LED Dimmer Switch

When you think of a dimmer switch, you will probably think of either your dining room or living room that allows you to dim the lights. Why do we even dim the lights? Sometimes, often we dim the lights to create a certain mood or ambiance if you will. Having the ability to control the brightness of the light in your home may seem appealing to some people.

For example, if you have a light dimmer in your living room, you can dim the lights to watch some TV or a movie. If you prefer keeping your house lit up at night, dimming the lights in your living room makes it so the house is well-lit but not too bright. Also, having dimmer switches in your dining room acts as a nice mood setter for certain occasions like birthday parties or holiday dinners.

Light creates and allows for certain moods or ambiances, so test the lights out for whichever mood can accommodate the occasion. Having dimmer switches in your home also comes with the benefit of remaining energy efficient.

By dimming the lights, there is less power consumption from your lightbulbs, reducing the need for extra energy usage in your home. This can also be a helpful tactic to reduce your energy bill costs.

With all of that said, how do dimmer switches even work? And what if your home uses LED light bulbs? Here’s a breakdown of how an LED dimmer switch works inside your home.

How it Works

Firstly, it’s best to know how these dimmer light switches work in case you run into any wiring or electrical issues at home. Regardless of any potential issues, but it’s just good to know how things in your housework, in general. These switches work by reducing the power delivered to the lightbulb. It starts by trimming a part of a waveform either on the front or back end of the wave. Seems very technical, but it’s pretty simple.

With the recent surge in popularity of LED Bulbs, manufacturers have designed LED light bulbs to work with the majority of common household types of dimmers. So, the aforementioned front and back end wave dimmers, also commonly known as trailing-edge and leading-edge dimmers work very differently.

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Trailing edge dimmers are specifically designed to fade the voltage of the lightbulb to zero, rather than switching it off completely like traditional light switches. By this method, it applies resistance to create a ramp. Since the resistance generates heat, this way increases the amount of heat. LED light bulbs are most commonly used with this type of dimmer.

Leading-edge dimmers typically use the traditional incandescent light bulbs or even halogen bulbs. These dimming control switches are compatible with resistive loads and shorten the cycle at the front edge of the input wave.

If you have already or plan to switch to a strictly LED light bulb household, consider investing in the dimmable LEDs. This method is probably the most energy-efficient and cost-saving way to light your home.

Where to Find LED Dimmer Switches

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