How to make your forklift truck as efficient as possible.

How to make your forklift truck

Are your forklifts running as efficiently as they should? If you answered “yes”, well done! What if you answered “no”? This is not the ideal answer, but let’s face it, you’ve taken an important first step in admitting the problem!
But, how did you come to this conclusion? If it is not based on telematics evidence, it is impossible to know exactly where this loss of performance is really coming from.

The versatile telematics system gives you these elements. Intelligent systems measure and record operations – allowing you to assess and optimize your operations. Telematics could be THE key to achieving the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) possible.

Optimize Operations:

Telematics allows you to operate a fleet in which your forklifts are used in the right place and in the right way … while keeping costs to an absolute minimum.

While protecting operators and colleagues, these sophisticated systems provide answers to questions as crucial as:

  • How is the capacity of my fleet used?
  • How do my operators handle equipment and loads?
  • Are my carts safe enough to be in service?
  • Such real-time views are only possible through recording and wireless communication. Truck data is continuously collected and transmitted to the system by wireless data transfer, typically via mobile phones, Wi-Fi and the internet.

Telematics allows you to optimize your operations and reduce your TCO.

Among the many advantages are:

1. Initial check

The software takes operators through essential checks that determine whether a truck is safe to use. More importantly, the cart will not come into operation until properly performed checks, ensuring that everything is in good working order.

2. Recording of error codes

This function provides you with an overview of the malfunctions occurring, in order to take the appropriate countermeasures.

3. Deployment analysis

This function allows you to determine the optimum size for your fleet by recording the utilization rate (driving, lifting and tipping) of a truck. For example, if the data shows that a cart is primarily used for horizontal transport, you might consider replacing it with an electric pallet truck.

4. Event recording

Using adjustable shock sensors, the systems accurately track events and their severity. When combined with GPS integration (see # 9), event logging tells you what happened. product, who operated and where, allowing you to avoid traffic jams in your operations, and to analyze and address individual driving behaviours.

5. Recording and measuring time

The perfect tool for comparing fleets: Time intervals are fully adjustable, whether you need to analyze your operations by the hour, day, month or even season. This is a particularly efficient way to record rush hours – allowing you to fine-tune your fleet deployment.

6. Operational reports and overviews of your costs

The measuring means better vision and more information that you can use to manage better.

7. Allocate trucks to qualified drivers

The use of IPAF certification and immobilizers helps prevent misuse by unauthorized operators. In addition, it emphasizes the importance of careful behaviour while driving.

8. Automatic shutdown

This feature turns the forklift off beyond a predetermined time when no driver is present – preventing unwanted idling and the risk of misuse while saving energy. For rental or repairing Consult here

9. GPS integration

This function records the location of the cart. By having a clear picture of the paths travelled, you will be able to identify and eliminate traffic jams, as well as locate the places where accidents are more frequent.

The high cost of damage to forklifts:

Too often, the signs of overloading or misuse of equipment are ‘discovered’ after the fact. It can be a scratch, impact or serious malfunction …

Without the data to confirm what happened, chances are you will never know the cause. Whatever damage is found, one thing is certain: there will always be a financial impact … and we are not just talking about repairs.

Think about the impact of unscheduled downtime on your operations capacity and your business reputation. In such a competitive market, it is unthinkable to miss a deadline.

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Did you know?

Damage to a forklift truck can add up to 5% of the cost of a typical five-year lease. Considered on a full fleet, this can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in unforeseen costs, which could have been avoided.


While telematics is needed for huge forklift fleets, smaller operations can also reap great benefits. Talk about your goals with a reputable supplier, you will find the telematics solution that suits you.