How to find the motivation to train? 4 tips to achieve your goals

How to find the motivation

You have started a new training program, everything is going well, and your motivation is at its peak. Nothing seems to stop you, to the point that you almost have to hold back so as not to overdo the workouts. Then, for one reason or another, you happen to skip a day. Slowly, the motivation to train starts to wane, and the goals drift away — it’s normal, and it happens to everyone. Motivating yourself when you don’t feel like getting off the couch is difficult. But KissAnime tips will help you get back in the saddle.

The motivation to train must be cultivated every day

1.Visualize success

The more in your mind you visualize something you want, the higher the chances that your dream will come true. Professional athletes imagine their matches, contests, or competitions over and over again before they take place to increase their chances of success. It works the same with your training goals. Do you aspire to run faster or just have a stronger body? Start by thinking about how you will feel when you hit the target. 

2.Don’t leave room for boredom

The motivation to train and performance is not constant: some days you feel fit, others totally listless, but most of the time these drops in energy are not physical but only mental. To keep workouts from becoming boring and losing any enthusiasm, here are some tips for varying the routine:

  • Training with another person Training in the company is more fun will help you keep your motivation high also out of a sense of responsibility: if you have planned a workout and your friend is waiting for you, you have to go. Furthermore, training partners are the perfect solution to motivate you and encourage you to do more and more.
  • Change landscape
  • You don’t have to always train in the same place. If you are doing a workout without tools but only with your body, like that of the Training app, you can do it anywhere, even outdoors.
  • Train with the right music
  • The right rhythm can give you the decisive boost to improve your performance and boost your workouts. Play it when you need that extra momentum.

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3.Choose the right time

The later it gets, the more fatigue is likely to be felt, and so the motivation to train drops. If you have time, go for a run or bodyweight workout in the morning.

4.Challenge yourself with a training plan

Achieving a goal is the reward for all the sacrifices made. If you want to keep improving, however, you need new challenges to keep motivated to train. So why not start a training plan?

Whether it’s three weeks of bodyweight workouts, a workout plan to define your abs or a 12-week program to try out new challenges — the important thing is consistency! Our training plans add variety to your workouts, making them more interesting and fun. This will make it easier for you to reach your long-term goals.

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