How Shankhpushpi works in ayurveda? Medical Advantages

How Shankhpushpi works in ayurveda Medical Advantages

Being an Indian is not a privilege that all can afford. Why do I say this? Simply due to the fact that being an Indian gives us so many aspects to be proud of, just due to the nationality. From being the most culturally diverse nation in the world to the biggest running democracy in the world. India has a lot to boast about.

India has had a heritage of originating many things and gifting them to the world. Be it the zero or be it the yoga, all of these have been gifted to the world by India. Another such important thing India has given to the world is Ayurveda.


Ayurveda finds its roots in Indian history, as the oldest form of medication being available to the people in India. Ayurveda finds its literature quoted in many Hindu sacred texts and literary excerpts. Not only medicines, Ayurveda also has the mention of a number of surgical techniques which evidently were practised in ancient India as a part of medical practices.

Working on the principle of extraction of medicinal benefits of plants and herbs, Ayurveda helped science to discover a lot of medicinal advantages of a plethora of plants and herbs. One of such plants is Shankhpushpi, which has immense medicinal value and advantageous properties that it has become one of the most widely used Ayurvedic medicine.


Shankhpushpi has found extensive mentions in the ancient Indian medical texts that no doubt it is one of the most widely used ayurvedic medicine in India. Known for its naturally organic and lifestyle-altering approach, Ayurveda has well included Shankhpushpi in its heritage and providing immense benefit to the consumers.

An Incredible Supplement With Health Advantages

Shankhpushpi is found as a flower-bearing plant in the central and hilly region of India. It has clinically proven benefits as far as improving the cognitive memory of humans is concerned. Not only this, Shankhpushpi is widely used as a natural stress buster and reduces anxiety to a large extent. So much so for a plant!

Medical advantages of Shankhpushpi

Shankhpushpi, as mentioned above has a vast range of medical advantages. Let us elucidate some of them here:

  • Improves cognitive memory: Synonymous results from both, ancient Indian medical literature as well as modern-day clinical trials, show that Shankhpushpi has properties that help us to improve upon and strengthen our cognitive memory abilities.
  • Natural stress buster: Shankhpushpi has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels drastically when used in the correct preposition. With the lifestyle of the modern-day growing so complex and tiresome, it is always a good idea to reach out to Shankhpushpi after a long day of work and put the stress and anxiety at bay.
  • Beneficial for Insomniacs: For people suffering from insomnia, Shankhpushpi provides them with unsaid benefits of a sound sleep after a long rough day. With the other medicines online coming for the treatment of insomnia, why not trade their side effects with the benefits of Shankhpushpi.
  • Lowers the high blood pressure: For the patients suffering from the problem of high blood pressure, regular consumption of Shankhpushpi might help lower their blood pressure and keep the blood pressure levels in check, thus reducing the risk of suffering from a heart attack or a stroke.

How Shankhpushpi works?

Shankhpushpi gains an immense medicinal value from a variety of factors running across its chemical composition. In various scientific studies, it has been found that Shankhpushpi works by the action of antioxidants which helps in concentration and reducing the stress from the brain.

Also, Shankhpushpi has been widely recommended to patients suffering from mental depression too. Shankhpushpi helps to regulate the neurotransmitters and control the secretion of dopamine, which essentially keeps the levels of serotonin in check. All of this leads to reduced symptoms of mental depression such as restlessness, anxiety, uneasiness, and cold hands and feet, which in turn makes the patient feel a lot better.

Bottom line

With the all-round benefits of Shankhpushpi being mentioned above and the absence of any known side effects of Shankhpushpi speak for themselves that is why Shankhpushpi should be included in your routine if you’re suffering from any of the aforesaid problems.