If You Are Hiring through a High Profile Nanny Agency

high profile nanny agency: When a nanny lives at her employer’s home to provide child care, she is called a live-in nanny.
Families who prefer to hire a Live-in nanny instead of a live-out nanny (the one who commutes daily to the employer’s home) have many different reasons to do that.

Families prefer Live-in nannies because they are more available to families who work odd hours or travel a lot.

Children who need to have special care require more thorough care may benefit from having a live-in nanny.

And it would be easy for the nanny to provide care to the child in an expensive city.

If you plan to hire a live-in nanny as a high profile nanny agency, we are here to tell you about their pay and what to expect.

To Know While Hiring a Live-In Nanny

Providing a room and board facility to a live-in nanny might seem like you’d get a fantastic deal:

They could work more hours, be available more often, and have a significantly less chance of being late to work. Besides, you can charge them for room and board.

That’s where you would be wrong.

There’s a misconception that the pay given to a live-in nanny should be less than a nanny who commutes to the family’s house for work.

Some families take this as a fair trade to receive child care in exchange for room and board and decreased pay.

Do you think if your live-in nanny is living at your home for free and doesn’t have to pay for her rent and food, they don’t deserve to get equal pay as a live-out nanny?

At first instance, reduced pay for a live-in nanny looks logical, but it’s not necessarily fair. Whether you hire a live-in nanny or a live-out nanny, both should get equal pay.

Let’s help you understand the general pay structure for a nanny, and then we will break down the expenses of hiring a live-in nanny in a moment.

The average base pay of a nanny depends upon the area you are living in.

Demand and cost of living may raise the price of child care. In areas where the living cost is more, nannies can make around £11 to £14 per hour.

Some more elements affect a live-in nanny’s wage: the total experience in the occupation, education, and certification or training.

The more the nanny is experienced or skilled, the more the nanny will expect to get paid. The job itself will even impact your nanny’s pay.

Nannies that will give their services to care for many children at once typically charge more.

And occupations that need household duties or running errands must remunerate nannies accordingly.

Expenses for a Live-In Nanny

If you already have a spare bedroom and bath in your house, room and board cost to get a live-in nanny won’t rise as much as you expect them to get.

Other aspects, such as the dimensions of your home and the cost of electricity and water in the area you reside, impact your monthly invoices.

If a nanny is living with your family, it will benefit you more than it will benefit the nanny.

You should note that live-in nanny eats, sleep, rest and relax at the same place where they work; therefore, even when their workday is over, they cannot practically distance them from their job, physically or mentally, because they live at their workplace.

No matter how comfortable the nanny gets with the family they live with, it’s never truly their home.

They always have to be cautious about how they spend their free time, whom they invite over, and so on.

If you’ve ever lived with a roommate, you would understand that you always have to be cautious of people sharing the flat with you.

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Working Relationship with a Live-In Nanny

If you plan to hire a live-in nanny for your baby, you’ll have to know about the legal parameters involved in this working relationship.

Live-in nanny agreements differ according to the area you live in, so working with a high profile nanny agency can help both the family and the nanny avoid exploiting their rights.

It will be the agency’s responsibility to find a perfect match for you according to your needs and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship for your family and the nanny you hire.

Find a Live-In Nanny with a High Profile Nanny Agency

At International Nanny, we make personal relationships with both the families and the nannies that associate with us to find a perfect match for both parties to provide the best match to both the parties.

We provide the best placements to the full-time and part-time nannies at suitable live-in and live-out locations.

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