Hand Sanitizer Dispenser – A Prominent way to sanitize your hands

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The word hand sanitiser has become a common word in our everyday life. Sanitizing your hands frequently or after touching things outside the house is mandatory so that you don’t get infected by the germs and viruses present on your hand. 

Whether you go to the nearby market or are travelling out of town one thing that you should not forget is the hand sanitiser. Keep a small portable dispenser with you and use it whenever it is needed. 

The hand sanitiser dispenser is available in different varieties and has different capacities that help you to choose the right dispenser spending upon your use and the place where you are going to install it. 

Types of Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Let’s have a look at some of the different types of sanitiser dispensers having a number of features and different characteristics. You can choose the most eligible one for your place. 

  1. Manual Hand Dispenser

The basic one is a manual hand sanitiser that is highly preferred for personal use. You need to squeeze or press the bottle whenever you want to use it. These sanitisers are available in different capacities that may be a small portable hand sanitiser dispensers or a large container dispensers. 

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  1. Automatic Dispenser

Another one that works on sensors and is touchless is the automatic hand sanitiser dispenser having a number of advantageous features making it easier to use and manage. You will find a tabletop automatic dispenser and also get a wall-mounted automatic dispenser that can be refilled whenever required.  

  1. Foot Paddle Dispenser 

For heavy-duty industries and a busy places, a foot-paddle hand sanitiser dispenser is the best. You don’t need to touch it with your hands, just press the paddle with your foot and you will get a sufficient amount of sanitiser. Rub it properly on both your hands covering the fingertips and palm completely. 

How to Use a Sanitizer

The use of hand sanitiser depends upon the type of sanitiser that you use. It can be a gel-based sanitiser, a liquid sanitiser or a foam-based sanitiser that is filled in an automatic sanitiser dispenser so that you can use it with zero contact. 

To use a gel-based sanitiser you need to take a small amount of gel and rub it all over your hand till it gets evaporated.

Make sure that you cover your entire palm properly from back to front and from tip to the wrist so that all the dirt and germs present on your hand will vanish in just a few seconds. 

While using the liquid sanitiser, take four to five drops of liquid on your hand and rub it properly all over the palm to kill the germs and bacteria present on your hand.

It is better if you use a spray bottle to fill the liquid dispenser as you can properly spray the sanitiser at places where you need it.  

The foam-based sanitiser is a layer of white foam that is rubbed on hands to clean them. You need to properly rub it till it vanishes completely from the palm. It is a prominent way to sanitize your hands with foam sanitiser but you should only use it when your hands are not much dirtier. It is not preferable for oily and greasy hands. 

Places to Use Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The hand sanitiser dispensers are now used at each and every place. Some of the most common places where they are used are listed below.  

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  • Hotels: Installing a sanitiser dispenser machine at the main door of the hotel and in the washrooms is mandatory. As many people visit there, they may carry germs and bacteria along with them, therefore it’s better than everyone sanitize their hands while entering the place.

Malls: It is a high traffic area so installing the dispenser at different places and in the restrooms is necessary. There are many shops, food zones and play areas in malls so it is good that you sanitize your hands frequently so that you can be precautious while shopping in the mall. 

Institutes: At institutes and classes the use of a sanitizer dispenser is compulsory. Installing a foot paddle sanitizer or an automatic wall-mounted hand sanitizer is a better option rather than the manual one. The best place to install is at the door so that everyone uses it before entering inside.   

  • Office Premises: The lift and handle of doors are touched by so many people in a day. It is not possible that the things are cleaned every time they are touched so rather than this it is more convenient to make use of the hand sanitiser that keeps your hand clean and germs free. 
  • Factories and Industries: The workers and labourers of industries and factories need to work for a longer time at the place and due to this their safety is very important. Installing a sanitiser dispenser at certain places reachable to everyone is eventually necessary. 
  • Hospitals: Last but not least is hospitals and clinics. The patients as well as visitors, both need to be safe and required to use the sanitisers whenever they touch the files, medicines or any other documents. Before touching the doors and equipment do not forget to sanitize your hands properly.

So now you know how important it is to use sanitisers at places because it protects you from the deadly viruses, germs, and bacteria that are present on your hand.

One more thing to look for while getting the sanitiser is that it should contain more than 80% alcohol to vanish the germs from your hands. 

Choose a dispenser that is made of a durable and water-resistant material that gives it a longer life span. Opt for those with non-corrosive characteristics and some automatic features for ideal usage.

 The refillable sanitiser machine is the most dominant pick that reduces your expenditure for getting a new one every time when the dispenser finishes.