Global 3D Printing Gases Trends

Global 3D Printing Gases

The process of 3D printing is relatively new in the landscape of the production and manufacturing sector, but its designs, developments, and, researches have been taking place for a very long time. As a result of which today’s 3D printers & printing techniques are all up to date, high-end, and are able to produce even complex structures by only scanning them. 3D printing is the process of constructing a three-dimensional object, article, etc, with the help of a Computer-Aided Designs’ model or a 3D model. In layman’s term, 3D printing could be referred to several processes in which a suitable material is deposited, joined, solidified, or laid on to produce or manufacture a three-dimensional object, article, etc. the materials generally are present in the form of liquid molecules, powder grains, which are fused together layer by layer until the desired shape is achieved. The process requires an inert environment as the presence of a minutest of unwanted particles or biotic elements could hinder the 3D printing. This inert environment is achieved by gases such as nitrogen and argon which does also help to increase the structural stability of the products.

Adoption of 3D printing to Mitigate the Risks

The manufacturing and production segments are highly fast-paced, therefore even a minor setback could hold the whole production down, causing a major loss of time, resources, and power & energy. Henceforth, in the case of 3D printing production, a design could be investigated beforehand without investing any expensive moulding tool and resource. Eliminating the chances of failure or risks when the actual production would take place. Additionally, the materials for 3D printing are cost-effective, which always makes it far easier and sensible to try out a prototype model first. Which supports the production efficiency and hence resultantly would aid the growth of the 3D printing gases market.

Marketing of Products gets Creative

As the market for every smallest to a gigantic thing is growing like a wildfire nowadays, there’s constant shoulder-to-shoulder competition between the companies and brands to gain the most of the consumer’s attention and revenue. In order to do so, everyone’s having or wants to have the most creative of the ways to market their product. In which 3D printing aids a lot because getting to print a concept on the very same day it was designed or thought of lessens the development process allowing the ideas to take place faster.  Producing an article using the 3D processes reduces the time for development and researches ( if required) giving more room for marketing the respective product. It benefits the industry resulting in the growth of the 3D printing gases market.

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The Asia Pacific to  rule the market in the forecast period

On the regional analysis, the market for 3D printing gases is expected to gain traction drastically in the APAC region, due to the surge in developmental and industrial activities along with the fast economic swell and rise in GDPs of countries like China, and India. Moreover, the elevation in disposable incomes in the stated region has stirred a demand for expeditious products, like convenience food products & packaging, fizzy drinks, electronics, packaging products, electric products & packagings, etc. Would all unfold into growth for the relevant market.

Prominent Players in the Global 3D Printing Gases are Airgas Inc, Air Liquide S.A., Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Iceblick Ltd., Iwatani Corporation, Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc., The Linde Group, Messer Group,  Praxair, Inc.,  Universal Cryo Gas, LLC, among several others.

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