Follow Some of These Best eCommerce SEO Tips

Looking for some relatively quick changes you can make to your eCommerce website to improve your overall SEO value and bring more customers into your website? You can get as thorough with it as you like, but there are actually some changes you can make to your website in order to improve your keyword rankings and bring in more organic traffic to drive sales.


Check out some of these best eCommerce SEO tips and practices, and see where you can implement them on your website.

1. Remove broken links from your site

One of the quickest things you can do to improve your SEO value for your eCommerce business is to remove broken links from your website. A 404 result is damaging to SEO; if you’ve linked to pages on your site that you’ve since removed, remove the links as well. Internal linking is important, but you also need to remove outbound links that are broken as well.

2. Perform keyword research to identify what users are searching

You’ll also want to perform keyword research to see what online shoppers are looking for. There are tools you can use to give you insight into search volume and competitiveness. A tool will help you find keywords; one like Google Analytics can even help you learn more about what keywords are most valuable.

3. Publish fresh, original content to product and category pages and remove duplicate content

The first thing, content wise, is to remove duplicate content from your website. This will positively affect the on page SEO for your eCommerce site. Once you’ve removed duplicate content, get onto publishing fresh, new content (optimized with keywords) on your category and product pages.

4. Blog at every opportunity – lend your insight

In addition to removing duplicate content and creating fresh content for your product and category pages, it’s also a good idea to write blog posts of varying length focusing on topics that you know will be valuable to your users. This will increase engagement and boost your SEO strategy for your online store as well.

5. Then, optimize your headers and metadata

If you uncover a list of quality keywords, you can also optimize your page title tags and your metadata and meta descriptions as well. This will make your eCommerce store more attractive to search engines and will help you climb the ranks.

6. Create more relevant URLs

One more little tweak you can make to your online store is to alter your URL structure to contain important keywords. You should also shorten them where you can if your platform will allow it. Each of these little items, however seemingly insignificant, may ultimately bring in more customers and give your conversion rate a jump!

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