Increase Your Explainer Video Online Presence

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Okay, I assume you already have the best explainer video for your business and ready to upload it on YouTube. There are several steps to gain the maximum result you have to do to boost its online presence. These steps will increase the possibility of your video is found by internet users.

YouTube Keyword Research

Sometimes, it is a little bit difficult to choose the right keywords for our explainer video. Keyword plays an essential role in achieving great SEO for our explainer video. Analyzing deep keyword research can take several hours, days, or maybe weeks. If you don’t have enough time to do profound research, I’ll show you the fastest way to choose your video keywords.

Have you ever try to type a word on the YouTube search box? YouTube will suggest the following story phrase for you. It is called YouTube’s advanced search feature. This feature helps us by making the search process faster. These suggested words are the most common words used by YouTube users to find videos they wanted to see. Using this YouTube feature, we could see what are people usually search on YouTube and use it as our explainer video keywords.

Now, let’s do this! Visit and type a word on the search box. YouTube will suggest a phrase for you. In this example, I try to type explainer, and Youtube recommends it with an explainer video, explainer video animation, and best explainer video.

From this example, we have three phrases, choose the most relevant word as our keywords and use them as a component of our explainer video title.

 Choosing the Right Video Tags

Here are some tips on how to choose perfect tags for your explainer video:

1. Choose only relevant tags for your video.

By choosing relevant tags for your Video potential, users can find the appropriate contents that they need. Another reason to do this is that YouTube and Google can remove the misleading video content.

2. Marking the most important first.

Put the most important tags at the top of your list. This thing also will help your video to be quickly found by the viewers.

3. Don’t use too many Tags.

Use at least three tags on your video but don’t overload the tag box, be wise and be creative in choosing the appropriate tags for your video.

4. Use keywords in the title.

Using the same keyword on the title with the tags will also increase the chance of your video being found by the viewers. This trick can make your video to be the most relevant if the keyword is entered on the search box.

Now, you already know how to increase your explainer video online presence. Increasing your online video visibility is also an essential step in your video marketing campaign. These steps will give you a better chance of getting on the top YouTube search results.