Tips on what to do if your erection doesn’t come. And repeatedly

Tips on what to do if your erection doesn't come. And repeatedly-c6ef1ba3

Have you already experienced an unpleasant situation during your love or just before it? You’re right; it’s nothing if you compare it when your most important male organ in the body fails. He simply began to “strike” and will not rise at all costs. You can’t talk about an erection at this time. So you failed to the fullest in the eyes of your partner and mistress. In this direction, you will find our tips on how to behave like a good guy during such hopeless moments, especially if they happen to you unexpectedly.

What to do first if an erection does not come?

The male erection itself can be very treacherous in some cases. It can simply happen at any time, even if you think it can’t happen to you. It can quickly happen to any man once or several times in his life, and he does not have to be prepared for it at all. The organ is indeed only a small organ that can terminate its service – at any time.

The partner tries to awaken your nature in her pants by one hundred and six, but unfortunately, there is no feedback. There would be nothing if the partner’s foreplay itself did not last longer than five, ten, or more minutes. Such a case is becoming very uncomfortable for you. If it really only happens once, two, or three times, that’s fine because a man doesn’t have to be ready for intimate intercourse every time. Talk to your partner, and you will see that she understands. Or reach for one of the following tricks.

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In case you want to score.

Everything changes if you meet a new woman, and it’s time to score with her in bed. You want to show her who the first-class lover is here and how it’s in bed. Unless you have an erection problem, and that’s a problem. It’s a really big problem, but there would still be one way to get out of it and score in the upcoming.

Opt for love, which you give her with everything that goes with it. Use the power of your tongue at its most sensitive part of the body, which is the clitoris, and bring it an orgasm like no other before you. Surely she will never forget this orgasm, and at the same time, she will not mind that you did not satisfy her with your organ. You will definitely get the full number of points, even if your erection organ did not even dream and did not rise for a minute try Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 to get best time in bed.

Bet on an “erotic” massage

But what if she wanted to continue after her orgasm? Strongly reject her intention. Explain to her that more “pleasures” will come the second time. This is the chance of coming out of such an awkward moment as a hero who will always be remembered.

But if you don’t like love, bet on an erotic massage. But at a time like this, it’s only a matter of time before intercourse comes. You get more time with the massage, yes, but you can’t stop the act. Through massage, you can also be irritated at the same time and thus achieve a quality erection. It can help some, but not others. You have to guess for yourself what you are feeling and what can help you.

Be ready for intercourse.

The truth is that you should not do this just before intercourse. You will lose the desire for love by masturbation, and this can be very helpful in contact with your partner or mistress. In order to have a hard cock in your pants, observe “celibacy.” It doesn’t hurt to bother you a lot, but it can prepare you for not a busy moment just when you least expect it.

Keep in mind that after each failure, you will be afraid of another failure. Well, that’s the worst thing you can do. Therefore, relax and reset your head. Forget about all the problems, troubles, and don’t think about your failure again. This will prevent problems that will prevent you from canceling yourself well and thus getting your organ up get vigora 100.

Don’t worry and go for it. You already understand what to do if you fail to do it now or several times. Plus, never start panicking because you’ll only make matters worse. After all, you want to give your partner and mistress a number she will always remember, but in this positive sense.