Denver air duct cleaning: Common Reasons That Cause the Air Ducts to Start Sweating

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During the sweltering summer days, the outside temperature can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit or even more. The record-breaking temperature will make your unit work more to cool down your place. The summer’s scorching days can make the water start dribbling out of your HVAC system. Any problem you face, either emission of moisture from vents or the presence of pollutants inside the ducts, you can hire air duct cleaning Denver from a trusted company for complete solutions.

Why Is Air Duct Cleaning Denver Essential?

The reason you’re reading our blog is your sweating ducts. You have landed on this blog to find reasons that cause air ducts to emit moisture out of it. It may have noticeably caused problems to your living standard, but many other effects are possible that you cannot compensate for. That is why air duct cleaning after a certain period is essential. 

Common Reasons Of Duct Sweating

Instead of beating around the bush, the wait is over, and here are the common reasons, which result in the emission of duct moisture coming out. Know about them and get help from a technician to improve the performance of your HVAC unit.

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Moisture in the air

The presence of humidity in your home affects the air ducts to become more likely to start sweating. It is better to reduce humidity and moisture as soon as possible. The following ways are effective in reducing both condensation and dampness. 

  • Use of a humidifier
  • Increase the temperature of ducts
  • Duct insulation

If you are done with reducing the moisture and didn’t work to end duct sweating, the Denver air duct cleaning service may be the only option.

Air ducts are clogged

According to our experts, every homeowner should hire an air duct cleaning Denver service every two to five years. The suggestion is based upon the location of the place and the way of utilizing the HVAC unit. The airflow becomes restricted when the ducts are clogged. The reason behind cold ventilation is mostly the congestion of ducts, which makes air ducts start sweating. Whenever you find that vents may be blocked, an expert HVAC technician explores the ways to eliminate the problem.

Low-quality insulation

The low-quality insulation around air ducts cannot avoid heat coming inside your place, overwhelming your ductwork. The liquid drips down from the vents as soon as the heat gets to the cold ductwork surfaces. On the other hand, if you have high-quality insulation, it may not be the reason in your case.

Conclusive Words

In the end, the reasons we have discussed above are common problems that trigger duct sweating. The uncleanliness inside ducts and pollutants are a significant cause of water dripping down. For Denver air duct cleaning, Action Air Duct is the best duct cleaning agency that cares about your investment in the HVAC unit.

For hiring our experts, you don’t need to wait for long hours. Our all services are customer-centric, ensuring your comfort when you give a call to us for booking. In short, your satisfaction is our demand when we appoint any technician. For more, give us a call.