Can Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers help improve exam preparation?

Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers

Sample papers are the best way to test your preparation level. It will give direction to your further revisions and preparation. Reading through the books and notes is good, but it is not enough. It doesn’t help identify the topics where you are weak or the effect of limited time on your performance. So download the Class 12 Accountancy Sample Paper and start your exam preparation. Read the benefits of solving sample papers and some important tips for solving the Accountancy paper below.

Get the Class 12 Accountancy Sample Paper PDFs

The link above has all the sample papers for you, click it and download them. The solutions are also given in a PDF with the marking scheme, so download them with the papers. These will help in a better evaluation of your answers.

If you want separate sample papers for Part A and Part B, then VSI has those PDFs as well. You can download them separately.

If you want a collection of all three sets of the Class 12 Accountancy Question Papers, use the contact information given there.

VSI Jaipur will also provide other class 12th study material and career guidance relevant to you.

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Benefits of Solving Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers

The CBSE Accountancy Sample Papers are similar to the main exam paper. After solving the sample paper, you will understand what level of questions will be asked in the exam and how a topic is asked in the exam

When you evaluate your answers in the sample papers for the Accountancy subject, you will discover your strengths and weaknesses in the subject.

The Class 12 Accountancy Sample Paper will also help find any silly mistakes that you often make in the paper, like calculation errors.

In the Accountancy paper, neatness is very important so that the examiner can read your answer clearly. After solving the papers, you can see how your answer sheet presentation looks and improve accordingly.

Tips for Solving Accountancy Paper

  • Read the Accounts question paper. In the first 15 minutes, plan which question you will answer first, read it multiple times, and start solving it in your mind.
  • Writing speed should be good throughout the paper.
  • Write the complete format of ledger accounts, even for a single entry.
  • Write proper narration after every journal entry.
  • Don’t overwrite anywhere, especially in the practical questions.
  • Write proper working notes wherever required.
  • Keep your answer sheet neat, do calculations on the side without messing your main answer.
  • Use short forms or abbreviations only where they are approved.
  • There is step marking in accountancy, so don’t skip any steps whenever you are solving a practical problem.
  • Always highlight the answer number on your answer sheet. Solve all parts of a question together and in serial order.
  • If there are any High Order Thinking Questions, answer them carefully.
  • Write correct formulas in the answer sheet wherever required.
  • If your balance sheet doesn’t tally, find out the difference between both the side. See if there is any item which matches the difference, is the half or double of it. This may help you find your error easily.
  • However, do not waste unnecessary time on any question.

Once you are done solving the sample paper, use the marking scheme and solution PDF to grade yourself. Give yourself marks according to the marking scheme; it has explained how many marks are allotted for a point or step of the paper.

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Important Questions in CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Sample Paper 2020-21

The questions in the Accountancy Sample Papers are very important. The level of questions will help you practice for the main board exams. For example, see a few of these important questions from the latest sample papers:

Q. A corporation forfeited 4,000 shares worth 10 apiece, for which an application fee of 3 was paid. 2,000 of these shares were reissued as fully paid up, while the remaining 4,000 were placed to capital reserve. Measure the frequency with which these shares were reissued.

a. `10 Per share

b. `9 Per share

c. `11 Per share

d. `8 Per share

Q. What will be the Current ratio of a company whose Net Working Capital is Zero?


Q1. How to get the solutions of Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers?

Ans. Download the solutions of the sample papers from the link shared above.

Q2. Does CBSE reduce the marks if the narration is missing after the journal entry?

Ans. Yes. It is important to write the narration after the journal entry. You can see the CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Sample Paper 2020 with solutions for reference. If you don’t write narrations, your answer will be considered incomplete by the examiner, and you will lose marks.

Q3. How to download the old papers of Accountancy class 12?

Ans. Visit the link shared above to get the old Class 12 Accountancy question paper 2020.

Q4. How many hours should a class 12 student study Accountancy?

Ans. Accountancy is an important subject and a minimum of 2-3 hours every day for this subject is required.

Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers are very important for your practice, don’t skip them. Try to solve as many papers as you can manage. It will help identify and cover your weak topics and common mistakes. Follow the tips shared in this article when solving any sample paper or giving the main board exam.

All the best for your Accountancy exam!