Claims For Loss Of Sight And Blindness

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Eyesight is an amazing blessing given to us. The loss of this blessing – whether partial or full – can be seriously distressing and devastating. As a person loses their sight, they are forced to adapt to new habits and take up a whole new lifestyle – full of confinements and restrictions. Moreover, such people also have to prepare for life-long dependence on external support. The public embarrassment, loss of income due to the fact that they have to leave their job, getting socially isolated, and all relevant factors become unbearable for the victim. 

What Is a Loss Of Sight?

There are multiple ways in which a person can lose sight. The ‘loss of sight’ can happen for a plethora of reasons, which may include medical negligence and mistakes made by health professionals, accidents, or the natural ageing process. If the loss of sight has happened due to someone else’s negligence; through an accident or medical negligence, the victim may have the right to claim compensation. If you, or someone you know, has lost their eyesight completely or to a certain degree, you may be owed compensation. 

Accidents that cause loss of sight, can happen anywhere; ranging from public spaces, roads, workplace, or even at home. This can happen for a multitude of reasons, for instance:

  • Dirt and grit accumulating in the eye
  • A harmful chemical splashing in the eye while working in a factory
  • A blow to the eye during a physical fight or assault
  • Extremely bright light flashing in the eyes while working in studios 
  • Head injury resulting from road traffic accidents or a slip/trip
  • Sharp or edgy object hitting the eye at workplace
  • Medical negligence leading to complete or partial blindness

In any of the aforementioned circumstances along with others, you will be entitled to compensation. 

Claiming for Loss Of Sight After a Head Injury

Most people consider direct damage to the eye as the only accident that can be considered a claim for loss of sight. However, loss of sight can happen by injuries other than direct injuries to the eye. For instance, a head injury is a major cause of eyesight loss. The damage to the brain leads to damage to nerves, which ultimately damages the brain-to-eye connection. Head injuries can be caused by road traffic accidents, physical fights, objects falling on the head, or slipping in public places. Whatever be the case, make sure you get in touch with a professional personal injury lawyer so that you don’t get confused in the complicated legal matters while you’re already dealing with a seriously distressing situation. 

Claiming For Loss Of Sight Caused By Harmful Chemicals

If you’re employed in a factory or chemical plant, you must ensure you religiously follow the SOPs and safety precautions because you’re almost always exposed to hazardous substances. According to the law, all employers are legally bound to provide adequate protection to their workers who work with harmful chemicals. Similarly, people who own public places have a duty of care to make sure that the general public is protected against any hazards. If a chemical splash or any interaction with hazardous substances has led to your eye damage, you may be owed compensation. 

Claiming for Loss Of Sight Resulting From Accident At Workplace

If you sustain an eye-related injury at your workplace, you have the right to bring a legal case against the employer. This may include your direct line manager, co-worker, or any other manager. All employers have a legal duty of care to make sure that there are no workplace hazards. They have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment for their employees. 

If the company owners are found violating the safety rules set in place by the law, they will be held liable for accidents causing injury to workers. To claim compensation for loss of eyesight in work-related incidents, the personal injury solicitor will consider several factors while investigating the matter. They will check who is responsible for the eye injury, who is liable, what is the extent of damage in this case, what laws will be applied, and how much compensation will be paid for this. 

Therefore, if you suffer a loss of sight at a workplace or any other place due to no fault of yours, seek the help of Hamilton Douglas Legal at your earliest to get in touch with experienced professionals.