Blinds or curtains – what to choose?

day night blinds

Window merchandise can perform not only decoration but other functions also. It controls the amount of lighting, maintains the right temperature and helps to increase a room’s privacy. 

People can choose various options such as day night blinds, drapes and other variants. It is difficult to choose the best variant for a room, therefore in this article, we will compare blinds and curtains opportunities and disadvantages. As the result, you can select the best option for you.


Talking about blinds, it is more expensive in comparison with curtains. Nevertheless, blinds are manufactured faster and this process is easier than manufacturing curtains. What is more, installation of blinds takes around 20 minutes, when assembly of curtains can spend more time, approximately one hour.

If you would like to choose blinds and save money, you can select plastic blinds which are cheaper on the market. Also, if you focus more on beauty, you can choose wooden or vinyl blinds which will give aesthetic beauty for your home.

Light rays

By using blinds, you can control light rays which permeate into the house. There are two modes when blinds can control light. First mode is when the cord at the top can let you lower your blinds to the required height. Second mode will allow to tilt the blinds the way you want them to control the light flow.

In comparison with curtains, it doesn’t have these modes, therefore you can’t control light rays in several ways.


Cleaning blinds is a fast and comfortable job because you need only a cloth to brush away any dust that’s on them. This needs to be repeated on the other side and finally blinds are clean.

What is about curtains, it is a more difficult process whereas it needs to be washed or vacuumed carefully from top to bottom. So it takes more time in comparison with cleaning blinds.


Blinds are sturdier than curtains because the first option can serve approximately 15 years when curtains usually serve 10. It does not depend on types of blinds, just curtains are made from less durable materials. Of course, longevity also depends on how you look after them.


One more benefit, which can give these merchandises is good soundproofing. In this case, the best option is curtains from sturdy materials because it improves the overall insulation and allows to save more energy.

Has been proven that curtains can save up about 40 percent energy. Without a doubt, blinds from really sturdy materials also improve soundproofing of the room and give benefits for home.


Finally, emphasis should be placed on the fashionable of home. Curtains have more choices among materials and colors, therefore it is the best option for people who would like to create a fashionable design for home.

Talking about blinds, this option doesn’t have a lot of variants of style, therefore it is possible to create only minimalistic design.

All in all

In this article, we described window coverings options, it’s opportunities and disadvantages. Everyone can compare these sides and choose what is more important for him or her.

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