Best Portable Vaporizers with a removable battery

Best Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers have taken the cannabis industry by storm. Once you use them, you may never go back to smoking.

The best portable vaporizer should consistently offer an enjoyable and relaxing experience. It should also be easy to use. Below are some of the best portable vaporizers, with a removable battery, that you can obtain in today’s market.

1.  Da Vinci IQ2.

The Da Vinci IQ2 portable vaporizer has additional features and an improved design over the original Da Vinci IQ. It features a removable 18650 battery that holds 3500 mAh of power when fully charged. This battery is capable of powering between 8 to 10 sessions on a single charge. It charges through a micro-USB port.

Despite its size, the Da Vinci IQ2 portable vaporizer is surprisingly versatile like its original version. The device features full temperature control that goes up to 222°C/431°F. You gain access to these controls via a Bluetooth app, which helps customize your vape sessions.

You will get the best vapor quality from this portable vaporizer, which can match some of the most excellent portable vaporizers using conduction. The vapor is smooth, with a nice flavour, and has quite dense clouds.

Da Vinci IQ2 is gorgeous in terms of manufacturing quality and has even better build quality than the original IQ vaporizer. Da Vinci put a 10-year warranty on the IQ 2 portable vaporizer to ensure their customers get the most out of the device.

2.  Focus V Tourist.

Focus V Tourist is a 2 in 1 portable vaporizer that is effectively capable of handling both wax and dry herb concentrates. It comes with a removable 18650 battery whose life depends on the type of concentrate you are vaping. The battery can offer you about an hour of continuous use on a single charge for herb concentrates. This battery life is longer when using the portable vaporizer for vaping wax.

Focus V Tourist’s two attachments, for wax and dry herb, make it highly flexible in temperature. For the herb attachment, you can choose a temperature setting between 90°C and 240°C, while for the wax attachment, you can choose any temperature setting between 260°C and 450°C.

With such a wide range of temperatures, the Focus V Tourist has the ideal vapor quality for everyone. If you prefer more clouds and less flavor, there is a setting for that, and if you prefer more flavour and more clouds, you will find a setting for such vapor.

Generally, Focus V Tourist is a well-built device with two separate attachments that handle two concentrates types separately.

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3.  Firefly 2+.

Firefly 2+ is an improved version of the original Firefly 2 portable vaporizer. The portable vaporizer comes with a 770 mAh removable battery that withstands between 2 to 4 bowls on average, depending on your usage habits. Also, the portable vaporizer has full temperature control accessible via a smartphone app and onboard temperature presets.

With Firefly 2+ portable vaporizer’s convection heating system, the vapor you get from it is smooth, potent, and full of flavor.

Firefly 2+ is a well-built portable vaporizer. It is light, sturdy, and pleasant.

4.  Arizer Air.

From the renowned Canadian giant Arizer, the Air portable vaporizer is one of the few devices in its class that features a lot of glass in its construction.  Although this design requires regular cleaning, the glass ensures the vapor is very pure.

Air’s removable 18650 battery can power the unit for almost an hour. The portable vaporizer has five temperature settings: 180°C, 190°C, 200°C, 205°C, and 210 °C. It features up and down control buttons for varying temperature settings.

Arizer Air’s temperature flexibility hugely contributes to the excellent vapor quality that the unit produces. Whether you like the vapor thin and flavorful or thick and satisfying, the unit is ideally designed for you.

5.  Focus V Pro.

The Focus V Pro portable vaporizer works like a dab pen, has a ceramic heating chamber, precise temperature control, and Pyrex glass mouthpieces, all in a single pen-style unit. It uses a removable 18650 3200 mAh battery to power its heating element. This battery can give you between 7 to 10 vaping sessions off a single charge.

Focus V Pro has an open adjustable temperature setting range of 176-465°F or 80-240°C. This temperature flexibility combined with the unit’s standard conduction ceramic oven gives you reasonably good vapor.

6.  Da Vinci Miqro.

The Miqro is Da Vinci’s smallest vaporizer. It comes with a removable 18350 900 mAh battery, which offers 3 to 4 sessions on a single charge.

Da Vinci Miqro features a full and precise temperature adjustment ranging between 350-430°F or 176-222°C.