How to Become a Finance Manager Car Dealership Step by Step

Become a Finance Manager Car Dealership
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Do you work in automotive sales, but you’re ready to take your career to the next level? Maybe you have no desire to sell cars, and you want to skip directly to finance management. Either way, it’s possible to make your career dreams come true.

Thankfully, there are specific steps that you can take to ensure that you land a job as a finance manager. So, how do you get a finance manager car dealership job?

Go to Auto Finance School

Did you know that you can go to school for automotive finance? While you don’t need to take auto finance classes to become a finance manager, it’s useful. Plus, it helps you get the job position without spending too many years as a car salesman.

In fact, auto finance training can get you a finance manager car dealership job with just a high school diploma. It’s definitely the best way to fast track your path to financing management.

Read more here to learn about dealership management training.

Sell Cars

Whether you feel like you’re a good salesperson or not, getting experience as an automotive sales rep is essential. In most cases, you can land a finance manager position with standard sales experience. But if you really want to be considered for the job, car sales is a plus.

Not to mention, as a finance manager, you’ll be the person in charge of the sales process. Therefore, it’s wise to have knowledge of all aspects of car sales.

Get Management Experience

Another way to get a job as a finance manager is to work in management. If you’re in a situation where you can’t get a position at a car dealership, consider a management job elsewhere.

By getting that experience under your belt, it increases your chances of landing a management position at a car lot. Having a background in management shows that you know how to lead other people and be successful in a management role.

Understand the Laws in Your Area

Becoming a finance manager at a car dealership isn’t just about managing people. You also need to know the laws in your area that pertain to the selling and financing of vehicles.

There are state and federal laws that mandate how sales are to be done at a dealership. Your job as a finance manager includes keeping up with those regulations. Otherwise, the dealership could get fined for non-compliance.

Land a Finance Manager Car Dealership Job

As you can see, there are ways to increase your chances of getting a finance manager car dealership job. With a little time and effort, it’ll definitely happen for you. As long as people are driving cars, there will be a demand for automotive finance managers.

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