Here are some of the most talked-about AI applications

Artificial Intelligence technology

We are living in a technological age where the use of technological solutions is no more an option. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing a job or just running a business, you will have to make sure that you are using technological solutions in the best possible way as in the modern era, there is no survival without the use of technology. We have become so dependent on technology that we can’t even imagine living a single day without it. And one such technological solution that is going to bring revolutionary changes in all the industries out there is AI or what is more popularly known as Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence technology is flourishing at a very fast pace. Earlier, the concept of AI was limited to Hollywood movies and an imaginary thing only but now it has slowly started becoming a part of our daily life. Whether it is the brilliant concept of Siri or robots like Pepper, AI is being used in a very broad range. There used to be a time when AI was considered as only a part of the Hollywood movie scripts but soon with the help of many brilliant minds, we have made AI a reality in the modern era.

The concept of AI is now being used in different fields and tools and soon we will be seeing it automating most of the jobs. In addition to this, AI is already making many things easier for us like mobile search and organization of family photos. But AI is not limited to this only as it makes contributions to the field of research and agriculture as well. In the future, we will be using many different forms of AI and this is why you will need to be ready for the big change.

So, now let’s go through some of the most advanced AI technology which will soon be transforming the lives of humans and making things much easier, productive, and better.

Speech Recognition

If you think that Siri is the only AI system that understands you then you haven’t looked at the latest technology news and updates for a very long time. Every day, new and improved versions of speech recognition through transcription and transformation of human language into useful formats, which is suitable for computers, is being implemented and used by various great technology-based companies. Since AI works on the concept of making machines more intelligent and allowing them to react and think like humans, speech recognition is slowly becoming one of the most powerful aspects of AI.

There are many companies out there that have already started using AI for speech recognition and this is helping all the firms that are acting as an early bird in the move to AI. Some companies which are using speech recognition on a completely different level are NICE, Nuance Communication, OpenText, etc.

Virtual Agents

Virtual Agents are like computer agents or programs which are capable of interacting with humans. If you are thinking about one of the most revolutionary evolutions of AI and one of the most interesting uses of AI then this is it. You should know that experiencing virtual agents powered up by AI is like getting a sneak peek in the future as we are evolving with modern-day technologies at a very fast pace.

One of the most common examples of virtual agents is chatbots. The technology of virtual agents is being used for customer services and also as smart home managers. When you open a website and see a chat box popping up, asking if you need any help then this is the perfect example of chatbots that are completely backed up by the power of AI.

Deep learning

With the help of learned processes, algorithms, analytics, and automation, AI will completely transform the way businesses will handle and manage information in the modern world. Gone are those days when all the firms used to have a limited number of options when it came to managing information. You should know that the way you manage information in your business can make or break your firm and this is why deep learning should be taken seriously by all the firms out there.

You can consider it as advanced machine learning which consists of artificial neural networks with multiple abstraction layers. The best example and implementation of deep learning can be seen in automation speech recognition for communications channels, image, and optical character recognition.


This technology of AI deals with the identification, measurement, and analysis of physical aspects of the body’s structure, form, and human behaviour. This is going to be one of the most fruitful and popular uses of AI and there are many companies out there that have already started using the powerful application of biometrics with the help of AI.

The interaction will include but not limited to image, touch recognition, speech, and body language. With the help of biometrics, the interaction between humans and machines will become much more natural. The supplier of this technology includes 3VR, Affeciva, Agnitio, FaceFirst, etc.

AI-optimized hardware

In order to speed up the next generation of applications, most businesses are now investing heavily in MI/AI optimized hardware. With time, the application will also evolve and they will become bigger in size as well. This is where the old approaches will no longer be useful and people will need to start looking for other options. One such option is the AI-optimized hardware that will help people in dealing with future problems with applications.

Graphics Processing units and appliances specially designed to efficiently run AI-oriented computational jobs. Although there are various companies that are focusing on AI-optimized hardware, some special mentions include Google, IBM, Intel, Nvidia, etc.

Robotics Process automation

Robotics Process automation is now possible and all the credit goes to the script and methods that mimic and automate human tasks to support and enhance the corporate process. The concept of robotics process automation is being used in various processes where hiring humans become very expensive.

AI is one of the most talked-about about technology like QuickBooks hosting and it is considered as one of the most fruitful contributors towards the advancement of technology and human life. On the basis of AI, robots, automation, and many other things are being implemented. AI has come out from just an imaginary concept to a world-changing technology and in the future, AI will be a major contributor to our transformation.

You should know that AI is going to be one of the most powerful technological evolutions of the modern era just like hosted QuickBooks as it is going to change the way business deals with day to day operations. There is no denial in the fact that AI hasn’t reached its level of maturity but even at this stage, you should know that AI is doing wonders in many firms.

With the competition in every industry rising, gaining a competitive advantage has become essential and one of the best ways of doing so is by taking advantage of modern-day technological solutions like Artificial Intelligence

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