All You Need To Know About The Commission Which A DSA receives From Any Bank?

DSA receive from a bank

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the demand for loans. One of the ways to generate income for a bank is to provide a loan. DSA is a person who works for a bank and handles potential clients who want loans. The loan DSA partners get their commission according to their contribution. A bank DSA or direct selling agent is a person who works as a referral agent for a bank. They are responsible for bridging a gap between the customer and their clients. They are marketing agents responsible for bringing in potential clients. They ensure proper verification of the clients to check their authenticity. And accordingly, forward their application to the bank.

How to be eligible for Bank DSA?

Every bank has its criteria. The minimum age of applicants should be 21, and the applicant’s family member should not be an employee of the bank they are applying for. Registering for DSA is free, and it doesn’t require any prior knowledge in the field. Having prior experience is not mandatory.

How much commission does DSA receive from a bank?

DSA helps the bank in meeting its sales target. Hence, the DSA receives a commission for every successful loan disbursal. The commission amount also varies with the type and amount of loan disbursement, and the commission amount also varies with the bank. The percentage paid out given below is indicative.

1. Commission from personal and business loan

Business and personal loan, the DSA receive up to 1 percent commission on the amount till INR 10 lakhs. 2 percent for over INR 50 lakhs. Ninety per cent of the commission is paid to the DSA after the loan amount’s first disbursement.

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2. Commission from loan against property

DSA receives a generous amount as a commission for selling the secured loan. They get a commission of 0.3 percent for selling a loan worth INR 1 crore. And 0.5 percent is offered when they sell loans amounting to over INR 1 crore.

3. Commission from home loan

Home loans are the most demanded loan. Hence a DSA can earn a massive commission by selling a home loan. Currently, banks are offering a 0.20 percent commission on the amount worth INR 1 crore. With many opportunities to sell the home loan to the borrowers, a DSA can earn a lot in a month.

4. Commission from gold and car loan

A lot of bank offers gold and car loan. A DSA can receive a commission of 0.2% by selling the loan of up to INR 1 crore.


With the increase in the demand for a loan, banks are seeking loan agents to work them. They help in achieving their monthly sales target. To work for a bank, you are required to complete the DSA loan agent registration. The amount of commission received by the DSA makes it a profitable profession. More frequency of business could lead to earning a stable income.