Advantages of Custom Industrial Coatings and powder coating

custom coatings

Do you want a customized coating design supply? Many businesses use a custom coating on their equipment to protect their tools and appliances. There are several types of standard coating in the market. But why these custom coatings are necessary, and what are the benefits of these coating? Let’s look at five reasons every business should consider custom coatings for their equipment:

Let’s look at some of the advantages of customized coating design supply in any industry and why powder coating is necessary and is the best alternative to other liquid coatings.

What are the advantages of custom coating?

Perfect for every material

These coatings enable the precise blend and combination of characteristics you are looking for rather than just some of them. There are various coating types, but before doing a customized coating design supply on your equipment, you must check the material you are applying.

Every material has different characteristics that require additional coating. The only way to have a perfect layer is by having an excellent knowledge of the application of the coating

Safety is a high priority

Safety is a high priority as the coating’s suitable properties are necessary for keeping the working environment safe. For example, photoluminescent properties are required in dark spaces. Non-slip properties are needed for slippery floors. Thus, whatever safety measure you required, a custom coating meets your requirements as they are highly versatile.

Control overcoating

People who apply custom coating have full knowledge of what is necessary for your layer. They are aware of all the elements present in the coasting as there are several additives in the machines that may cause severe issues while coating. So, you should know the exact knowledge of the layer you apply.

Operating temperatures

It enables the management of the temperature. While coating operating temperature makes a huge difference, and to balance that difference, a custom coating is used. These custom coating can withstand extremely high temperatures and the low operating temperature inside the equipment you are using. It ensures you precisely the temperatures you need it to resist.

Bacterial control is better with custom coatings.

In many cases, bacteria can cause a big issue if you do not coat your equipment. Through custom coating, you can protect your gear even better, unlike the standard coatings. Also, you cannot be sure about the type of bacteria that it will be influenced without custom coating. Different manufacturers of custom coatings see the kind of machine, type of material, and kind of bacteria that can be affected before coating. So, these coatings are highly safe.

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What is the best type of custom coating?

Various coating types are there in the market, but powder coating is one of the most delicate layers available, preventing scratching, wearing, fading, and chipping. They control the material from rusting and are highly beneficial. They make sure that the product has virtually maintenance-free under regular use. Also, they don’t need any repainting as they are durable, and any stain is washed on them with regular detergent and water.

Powder Coating Vs. Alternatives

When it comes to finishing techniques, powder coating is the finest one—another alternative like wet painting or plating has no comparison with the finish of powder coating. Let’s look at the benefits of powder coating and what makes powder coating different from others?

  • Environmentally Friendly: these powder coatings are eco-friendly as no harsh chemical is used, affecting the environment, unlike hot plating and wet painting. Other alternative uses harsh chemicals in pigment addictive and solvent bases to perfect finish. But these powder coatings require suitable from the spray gun to the metal surface.
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds: the Volatile Organic Compounds are not environment friendly and are harmful to the environment, frowned on by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and harsh to humans. But these powder custom coatings have no VOCs in any dry powders.
  • Cost Savings: these are a cost-effective investment as powder coating require less material, consumes fewer raw materials, less equipment, and takes less application time. On the other hand, plating and conventional painting require two coats, and lots of material is used in it. Also, it has a high labor cost as compared to powder coating.
  • Less Waste: another significant benefit is that it doesn’t waste your product and allows you to have a perfect finish using less product. Other brush and roller paints require a lot of colours and left waste material in trays and containers. Almost all the dry powder remains in powder coating, and it stays there.
  • Safety: A Powder coating is a safe process as no toxic and flammable chemicals are used in them, unlike wet painting. Also, it has no acidic material, so it doesn’t affect the skin. If skin comes in contact with it, there will be no issue.
  • Equipment Maintenance: there is little equipment used in the process since, in powder coating, dry materials are used to apply with compressed air to electrically charged metal. It means less maintenance is required and will cause no trouble to the user.
  • Superior Products: the product at the end of powder coating is smooth, cleaner, and superior to any other method. It gives you an extra-ordinary byproduct in less duration as compared to the different layers. Powder coating is eco-friendly, safe, and provides you a cost-effective finishing. So, in the metal industry, these powder coatings are highly beneficial.
  • Durability: The powder coating process is the most durable, reliable, and long-lasting process. It gives a hard finish that is decorative as well as protective at the same time. Indicating more resistance to impact, chemicals, moisture, and extreme weather, unlike other liquid coatings like wet painting, which are thicker and are not long-lasting. Even the product with powder coating is free from most liquid scratches, abrasions, corrosion, chipping, fading, and general wear.