8 Ways to Decorate Home for Newly-Wedded Couples

A new house is a dream many of us cherish, and decorating it is even more special. Especially for newly-wed couples decorating a house is a task that is both exciting and exhausting. Whether renovating or planning a home décor, the task is tedious and time-consuming. But the excitement of refurbishing and giving homes a completely new makeover is too hard to resist. 

How to décor each room of your home?

Weddings are the beginning of a new journey for couples. What can be a better way of starting afresh other than a renovation? Give a read to find out some new ideas for home decoration ideas ideal for newly-wedded couples:

  • Bedroom

For bedroom décor, shades of red are best suited for a newly-wedded couple. It provides a lively feel to the room. Choose a color that is soothing to the eyes yet bold with this color love. Complete the look with matching furniture and accessories such as a seating couch, cupboard, and wall mirrors. 

  • Study Room

If your partner has a knack for reading, surprise your partner by building a particular corner for indulging in some me-time with their favorite books. Dedicating an entire room as a study room seems too much? Worry not! With a study table lamp, make any corner of the house a study zone. But a lamp would not be enough to make things look classy and comfy. You can add a book rack with a comfy chair. Now that would be the cherry on the top! 

  • Kitchen: 

The kitchen is an integral part of the home décor. If you are a fan of modern architecture, opt for an open kitchen. Open kitchens are now in trend for they occupy less space and are ideal for smaller apartments. In this time of space, crunch utilizes space intelligently. Choose clever designs of open kitchens. 

  • Balcony: 

Having a balcony is a luxury now; thus, its decoration should be planned carefully. With various DIY crafts, turn the balcony into a cozy space for spending those lazy winter afternoons or busy evenings with friends. A hammock, stylish floor mats, or sofas can turn even a small balcony into a favorite corner of the house. 

Balconies are also ideal for adding a splash of green to the concrete setup of a house. Colorful flowers, green plants will beautify the balcony even more. 

  • Living room: 

Living rooms are the center of attraction. It is the very first place that guests take notice of. Living room décor should set the ambiance and have a welcoming vibe. A newly-wedded couple whose homes should also reflect cheerfulness and joy; should embrace modernity over a vintage style for the living room. 

Since they will be expecting lots of guests, the living rooms’ aura must be welcoming and cheerful. Choose from a wide range of trendy furniture, bright color wall color, curtains, rugs with matching patterns, and fun accessories to bring the expected spark. 

  • Bring a piece of nature home

Are you not finding enough space to nurture your passion for gardening? It’s now possible with garden wall shelves. These shelves can be hung on the wall saving the much-required foot space. At the same time, it adds freshness to the room, spreading greenery all around. Turn any corner into your garden with these shelves. 

  • Art corner

Impress your significant other with your creative skills. Bring out the artist within you and turn a corner of the house into a gallery for showcasing your artistic skills. Ideal for a living room, such inclusion will increase the glam factor of the room. 

  • Accessories

These have the power to make and break the look of any room. After the essential organization like selecting wall color and mandatory furniture, accessories must be selected following the rest of the belongings. Pendulum clock, study table light lamp, hand-drawn pictures, showpieces, and crafts all contribute to the home’s overall look. 

Accessories like lights are also equally important. They can enhance the beauty of other accessories like the spotlight. These are essential, useful, and fashionable as well. The wide variety of choices makes lights one of the most popular choices for home decoration or renovation. 

Technology Makes Renovation Simple

Thanks to technology, the renovation has become much more accessible and straightforward nowadays due to shopping for all necessary equipment types for home décor. All accessories starting from pendulum clock, trendy ceiling lights, planting wall shelves to wall mirrors can be found online at a reasonable price. 

  • Benefits of Online Shopping

There are many benefits of buying home décor products online. 

  1. Firstly buyers can available the product at a lower price compared to the market. Customers get more options online than shop online shopping.
  2. It saves the buyers from visiting various shops and searching for products. 
  3. People get all products under one roof. 
  4. Finally, the product is delivered to the customer’s doorstep. 

In many cases, along with free delivery of the products, service providers offer a free installation on the purchase of any product saving the owners from installing and arranging furniture and accessories by themselves.  

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