8 Must Known Strategies for every NEET aspirant

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We all are aware of the fact that NEET is the only exam that is considered to be the gateway to medical college. Every year lakhs of students prepare for the NEET exam to get into their dream college. Every year there is tough competition among these medical aspirants to clear the exam. Aspirants start preparing for the exam at the intermediate level itself. Seeing the difficulty of the paper itself it is good to start as soon as possible. With the world full of uncertainties around one should always be prepared. This we saw with the covid19 virus spread which became a pandemic and we all somewhere or the other suffered. With this, there was a challenge for the medical aspirants to prepare as the whole country was under lockdown and they could not go to their coaching institutes or the colleges as everything was shut.

Amid all these conditions what worked best was online education. The only possible thing at that time and also it became the need of the hour. Students utilized each and every online platform to prepare. NEET aspirants also prepared through these online platforms which provided NEET coaching with everything required. By keeping every aspect in mind, I have come up with some strategies which every NEET aspirant must know.

  • Create a realistic timetable

For the preparation for the exam, you need to prepare a timetable according to your convenience. Include all your daily activities in that timetable. Your whole routine should be covered in the timetable. Most of the time what we do is make the timetable and just forget to follow that.

This results in a lot of time wastage and also, we end up distracting ourselves with other things. So, if you have made a timetable then always try to follow it as much as possible.

  • Make handwritten notes

Whenever you prepare any topic then always make it a habit to take notes on that. This will do two things one, it will help you to take down all the important things which you feel are important, and second, it will also help you in remembering as when you write something with complete understanding then there is more chance that you will remember. All the handwritten notes will help you in the future for revision purposes.

  • Stick to basics

While you preparing for the NEET exam you need to make sure that you stick to basics for all three subjects as it will help you in the solving of the questions. When you have an idea about the basics then it becomes easy for you to solve as you will be knowing the concept behind the question. For Physics and chemistry subjects make sure you clear your concepts so that you know the question’s background very well.

  • Revise Daily

Everyday revision is a must if you want to memorize something. Revision of the topics you cover should be done on the very next day. Never delay your revision as it will only lead you in trouble further. Many times, what we do is leave the revision part for the end but this should not be the case as when you leave things like that then, at last, you will be burdened with a lot of topics to be covered. As a result, you won’t be able to revise anything, and also you will forget the topics you have learned.

For revision, you can always apply this simple rule that after completing the topic revise the same on the next day before starting anything new.

  • Solve as many question papers as you can

Solving is the only habit that will make you faster while taking your exam. When you try to solve the previous year’s question papers you become aware of the kind of questions you will face in the examination. Make sure you solve the question papers of previous years and also make put this in your schedule to every day solve at least one question paper. In physics and chemistry, you do require a lot of time to solve the numerical but by having the practice you can ace the questions in seconds.

  • Give yourself the necessary break

As the proverb goes “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” This is meant to make us understand that it is okay sometimes to take the necessary break in between as there are chances that this could lead you to exhaustion and you could start losing interest.

So, what you can do is take a rest whenever required. Do what you like. Take upon your hobbies. This doesn’t mean that completely engross in resting and taking way long hours break and doing nothing. Set up your time limits.

  • Keep your morale up and show a positive outlook

This is a very necessary thing as you need to always keep your morale up while preparing because there will be many things that will try to put your morale down what you can do is by focusing on your goals and believing in yourself. Having a positive outlook on everything makes you learn faster.

  • Stay determined and focused throughout

I know it is very cliché to say this point but trust me this matters whatever you want to do or achieve in your life. When you have a goal in front of you and you want that really bad then the only thing which will help you get that is your determination toward it. There will be times when you might be feeling demotivated and stressed but in these times it’s you who need to stay motivated and determined because only you can help yourself.