7 tips for a beginner jewelry designer

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Designing Jewelry is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. It’s not only a creative and fun hobby but quite practical as you get to wear your own hand-crafted products!

If you’ve ever thought of getting started and did not know where to start, we’ve gathered here some tips for you so you can easily get into this great world and perhaps avoid some of the common beginner’s mistakes

1. Understand the Basics

First, it is recommended to understand the basics – basic skills are required for any type of jewellery, no matter if it is a bracelet or earring, it is advisable to know the different tools and learn how to make the basic loops, get to know the knots and different types of threads. All this can be learned in any Introduction of an online Jewelry course.

2.Choose Your Technique

Choose one technique to experiment with and focus on – macramé, leather jewellery, metal beads or pearl necklaces. It does not matter what kind of technique works best for you, the main thing is to start with one thing. Later you can move on to other techniques and create as much eclectic jewellery as you want.

3. Choose the right Tools

Make sure to work with high-quality tools – with all our appreciation for improvisation, it is worth leaving it for creative execution. For your first experience, it’s okay to use a cutter from your home toolbox. But in fact, good tools designed for the craft of jewellery will help in the project process. It may at first seem like a big investment, but in the long run, you will notice differences and see how convenient it is.

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4. Learn the language

Learn what are the differences between the kinds of threads, the types of beads, the types of clasps, and what techniques need additional assistance. Get to know the work environment, it is important to make sure before purchasing something new and always ask questions, it will save you time, money, and frustration.

5. Storage

To prevent the mixing of random beads anywhere, it is advisable to sort in a dedicated suitcase or box with partitions. The initial hassle is then worth figuring out what is in stock and in general, order gives motivation.

6. Inspiration

It is always recommended to keep up to date with your favourite jewellery designers and brands on Instagram, bloggers, inspirations on Pinterest. It makes you want to work and it’s always fun to follow other people’s trends. It might be the best way to learn and evolve.

7. Stay Positive

Like any other skill, here too there is a learning curve. It’s okay that the first experiences will not look like you imagined! It’s all a matter of training. Don’t let a challenging project that fails destroy your enthusiasm. It is important that you continue to practice and develop the skill. Everyone can!

Do not hesitate to try a skill, even if it sounds difficult and there is no experience. With goodwill and the right tools, you can surprise yourself with some beautiful things that can be made. Do not limit yourself to a particular style, colour, or size of the jewellery. Experiment with the materials and begin to feel what is happening. Once you start you will quickly understand how addictive it is.
Enjoy your new hobby and who knows.. perhaps a new profession!?

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