7 Latest WhatsApp Features to Arrive in 2021

7 Latest WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp, with a global outreach the app provides an alternate way to interact and engage with your friends through voice/video calls and messages. No need to wait for to get the response of your friends through text messages as this instant messaging app breaks all the barriers and lets you connect with your closed ones easily. WhatsApp has been connecting more than a billion users across.

Bringing a revolution in the tech industry, the popularity the app gains are remarkable. It became one of the most widely used applications to strike a conversation. Not only this, over the time it has entered into the world of digital marketing, where the business has established its communication grounds with the customers through the app. Now many businesses operate their customer chat support through WhatsApp providing a more personalized approach to reach out to the target audience.

Now that it has gained so much power over the internet and its target audience, it keeps on coming up with new features and advancements to keep up its popularity. In the year 2021, some new features have arrived which were being planned lately. These features have provided a greater level of ease in online dealing. So, let’s get on the list curated below and read about the exciting features the app has to provide.

Audio and Video Calls on WhatsApp Web App

WhatsApp web app now offers the features to make audio and video calls. It allows users to indulge in uninterrupted long calls with the Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, you will not feel much of a difference when interacting via video calls as well. The WhatsApp chat window has all the features it offers in the app.

Those who use the desktop app were refrain from enjoying its many app features. Now with the latest release, anyone whether a web app user a mobile app one, can indulge in its multi range of fascinating features. The appeal it draws on the target audience makes it the best app idea to go for. If you are planning to create an app like WhatsApp, its high time you must come up with some other innovative ways to make your version the best one.

Multi-Device Support

Do you want your single WhatsApp account to get access on multiple devoices at the same time? If so, no need to be so restless as you now can. With the latest release of amazing WhatsApp features it allows users to get access on four devices at a single time. Lately, WhatsApp allowed its access to only two devices- smartphone and the desktop.

However, now you can sign in to your account to four different platforms and keep your communication smooth and uninterrupted. As the technology is emerging the need to provide convenience to users is making significant. With this latest release, WhatsApp has gained more advancements and accessibility.

Mute Videos

Have you ever created stories or video using the Snapchat app? It’s fascinating option to mute the videos adds more fun to video sharing. No need to show your friends the chaos escalating at your back, if you intend to record a moment. You can simply now put the videos on mute while sending them to your friends. The way WhatsApp is becoming more user-centric has increased its online reach and made it one of the most in-demand app.

Read Later Feature

Do you have a lot of groups on WhatsApp? Do you get annoyed by the constant ringtone of your app, distracting you from concentrating on your work? WhatsApp now provides an easy way to manage your notifications of the undesired ground or those messages which you want to read later. The Read Later features help you put the chats on mute and drop them in the archive section. You can read them later. The chats will get updated just like all the other apps but you will not get their notifications. The number of messages received will appear on the chat but there will be no existence in the push notification bar.

Join Group Calls

If you are one of those who are never available on the first ring, this is the perfect feature for you. If you have missed several groups calls just because of the habit of shutting your phone on silent mode or throwing it a mile away from yourself, with the latest feature of WhatsApp you can join the missed group calls anytime during the ongoing call. If your friends are still on the call and you missed to receive it, you can call back to get into the conference call.

Attach More Than One Image Or Video

People have e a habit or likeness to share a wide collection of photos with their friends. Some of them desire to share a complete album after attending an event. So, those who want to socialize without any barrier and feels eager to share images with their friends can now indulge in such activity without any trouble at all. WhatsApp offers the facility to attach more than one video or picture in the chats efficiently.

Insurance Products On WhatsApp

WhatsApp now offers a health insurance product in its messaging platform but this feature is available in India only. After forming a collaboration with the financial service providers, the app steps forward to provide health cover to the users.

Wrap Up

Much like WhatsApp, any app that is now making waves in the digital market needs to come up with improved features and innovative approach to stay consistent and keep on indulging the target audience. The app can increase the overall reach and maximize the user count as it has now win over its users by providing greater convenience. If you plan to create an app you must carry out a comprehensive research of the market and look for ways that can help you engage your users. You have to be innovative and inspiring enough to indulge your users.