6 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid on Boxing Day

6 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid on Boxing Day

Between Christmas and Boxing Day it always feels like the holiday season is the best time to score amazing deals. Ironically, most people end up overspending and saving very little. Retailers utilize clever marketing tactics to make the average shopper feel they are saving money, even though they are not getting a better price than any other day of the year. 

For instance, door-crasher deals, are jaw-dropping phenomenal deals that are too good to pass. This strategy gets a massive crowd outside the store doors when in reality hardly the first few shoppers get to benefit from it since there are very few products on this price tag.   

No need to feel hopeless, there are plenty of ways to one-up savage marketing gimmicks. Here are a few mistakes to avoid, so you can get the best deals and the best bang for your buck.  

Mistake #1 – No Price Comparison 

Always compare prices before making a purchase on sale especially if the same product is available at multiple outlets. If you do not want to run from store to store, consider downloading an app that helps you stay ahead of the game by comparing prices and offering you the best deals. You can try redflagdeals.com and Flipp. 

Mistake #2 – Stay at Home and Shop Online 

While shopping from your cozy couch is a dream come true for many, it is important to note certain items may not be on sale on websites. Such items are available in assorted sizes and low prices only at the store, they are not made prominent or advertised by the brand.   

Mistake #3 – Not Calculating Shipping Prices 

Though we love shopping online, more often than not we find shipping costs make our bill the same price as the original items. In this case, it is more feasible to pick it up from the store. Choose online stores that offer free shipping at a certain amount or else stores where you can purchase multiple items from different retailers such as amazon.ca to avoid delivery charges for numerous products. 

Mistake #4 – Not Taking Price Adjustment Policies into Consideration 

In case you miss out on a great deal or have flown out of the city and didn’t get a chance to shop on the biggest shopping day, don’t worry. Most retailers have clearance sales in January when they further reduce prices of old stock items.  

Mistake #5 – Waiting for Boxing Day 

Many of us are guilty of shopping exactly on 26th December. However, this should not be the case, since most retailers offer pre and post-sales as well. That’s right, many deals go live in the wee hours of Christmas Eve. Remember you snooze you lose, this is true since sometimes the best deals go live precisely at midnight! 

Mistake #6 – Using the “It’s on Sale” Excuse 

We know it is so hard to resist when you see that pack of 3 bracelets for $20, but do you even need it? Make this your rule of thumb to follow, before you make any purchase ask yourself am I going to use it? Do I really need it? What purpose will it serve in my wardrobe?

If all three replies come negative, it’s best to drop the item and walk away without giving it a second glance. You shouldn’t rain money just because the price is right and the deal is attractive. If you purchase a useless item for $50 at a slashed price from $150, even then it is $50 going in a loss because you have no need for utilizing that item. The biggest mistake you can make on Boxing Day is focusing on saving $100 while spending $50. 

So eager shoppers, keep your gloves on, do not let stress get the best of you, keep calm, and stay focused. May the odds be in your favor of snagging the best deals.