5 Best Iron Supplements For Young Women

5 Best Iron Supplements For Young Women:  Iron is one of the most vital nutrients that our body requires to work properly. Its primary function is to make haemoglobin and Myoglobin. Both of these are proteins, but the difference is that haemoglobin is present in red blood cells, and Myoglobin is found in muscle tissues. Hemoglobin is also known as tetrameric hemoprotein or blood protein and is found throughout the body. It is a transport protein that carries oxygen from the lungs to each and every part of the body. 

On the other hand, Myoglobin is called monomeric protein and is particularly present in muscles. Myoglobin is the storage protein that receives oxygen from the haemoglobin and releases it when actually necessary. 

The scarcity of iron in the body lowers down haemoglobin levels, which eventually hampers the oxygen supply to the body’s vital organs like the brain, heart, muscles, etc. And without an optimum amount of oxygen, your body will not be able to function well- Chances are you may be a victim of heart, respiratory and neurological disorders.

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Although anyone can become prey to iron deficiency, young females and toddlers are at the highest risk. When girls enter puberty, they have to undergo menstruation periods. As a result, females lose heaps of blood every month, which affects their iron status badly. To restore iron content, gynaecologists often recommend iron supplements to young women along with healthy food. The iron alternatives are essential for those females who do not get enough iron from their regular meals. 

There are countless iron pills and capsules in the market, and it’s quite daunting to choose the right one from so many options. In this article, we have crafted the list of the 5 best iron supplements for young women, which you can consider to boost your iron status.

Slow Fe Iron Tablets

Slow Fe Iron tablets are very effective in treating anaemia and iron deficiency that is usually found in young women. The physician highly recommends this iron supplement to those females who bleed over the limit during the periods. Each tablet of Slow Fe Iron consists of 45 mg of elemental iron. It is advised to take 1 tablet daily or as per the recommendation of the physician. 

Novaferrum Chewable Iron Supplements

The other renowned iron tablets are Novaferrum Chewable Iron Supplements. These tablets are free from bad stuff, like gluten, alcohol, and caffeine, making them a best-selling iron supplement for young women. It comes in a natural orange flavour and is efficient in fulfilling the high iron needs of young women. Each tablet delivers 36 mg elemental iron and 60 mg vitamin C. The presence of vitamin C makes the absorption of iron quite easy.

Nature Made Iron

Nature Made Iron supplements contain 65 mg of elemental iron, which is tantamount to 325 milligrams of ferrous sulfate. It is very useful for women lacking in iron: Consuming 1 tablet a day can prevent you from anemia and its frightening effects. In addition, each Box of Nature Made iron supplements encompasses 365 tablets, which means after purchasing this, you don’t have to worry about buying iron supplements for a full year. 

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Thorne Iron Bisglycinate

The throne is one of the most reputable pharma brands in the world. A bottle of Thorne Iron Bisglycinate is packed with 60 iron capsules. Regular consumption of these iron supplements has a significant effect on blood iron levels. This capsule also helps in reducing fatigue and boosting memory. Also, you will not experience gastrointestinal problems with the intake of Thorne Iron Bisglycinate.

Zahler Iron Complex

Zahler presents advanced gentle iron capsules for women with non-constipation formula. This is the best dietary supplement for those facing severe iron deficiency symptoms, such as hair fall, brittle nails, headaches, etc. Each bottle consists of 100 iron capsules, which are filled with 25 mg iron Ferrochel, 60 mg vitamin C, 80 mcg of vitamin B12, and 400 mcg folic acid.

Wrapping Up -:

By involving any of the above iron supplements, you can get rid of excessive fatigue, headaches, giddiness, and other effects of iron deficiency. But remember, eating vitamin C is also necessary with these 5 Best Iron Supplements For Young Women to boost iron absorption. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C: you can include lemon, oranges, berries, etc., to improve your iron status efficiently. 

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